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Dragon fruits ripe for picking

With their special flavor and rich nutrition, the ripe dragon fruits of the Ciyijia Fruit & Vegetable Farm of Cixi County attracted a lot of tourists. On July 30, a group of tourists from Shaoxing were busy plucking the dragon fruits.


Students visits military camp

About 100 primary or middle school students came to the military camp of the PLA garrison in Ningbo on July 25, as part of their “military camp experience day” of the “holiday school”

Creative use of waste materials

At the Baoshan Community Center of Baoyun Street of Haishu District, a group of children displayed their works made by using some waste materials, as an important part of the communitys campaign of trash classification and environment protection

Special meeting held for new students

Athe first meeting for the Class 17 of Shuguang Middle School held on the morning of July 25, the new students performed various kinds of shows to make themselves known by others, including mini fashion show, pop songs, dancing and taekwondo

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