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Weaving Egg Slipcovers for the Beginning of Summer

At the beginning of summer, on May 2nd, folk customs activity, co-hosted by Yinzhou Jiangdong International Kindergarten and the Jiangcheng community of Fuming Street for the beginning of summer. Foreign teachers learn to knit egg slipcovers with the help of weaving masters and play bumper eggs, which is another traditional practice for the beginning of summer. (Photo by Ding An Chen Jianyin)

Evening of International Labor Day

On the evening of the International Labor Day, along the Sanjiangkou Port in Ningbo was a fantastic light show, which combined the traditional culture of Ningbo with modern science and technology, forming a happy festive atmosphere

Beautiful Pictures of Sanitation Workers

On April 28th, sanitation workers of Dongsheng Street, Wangjia community, Yinzhou District received a precious gift from community workers - photos of their daily life. In order to show gratitude to "city beauticians" for their contribution, the community trade union took photos for sanitation workers to help them find beauty and feel beauty in their lives

Grandpa Zhang Shares His Stories with Kids

To carry forward the spirit of dedication and pass down positive energy to the next generation. Fuxiang Community of Yuyao Yangming Street recently organized communist party volunteers and students to pay a visit to the 93-year-old provincial model worker, Zhang Nianbiao, a retired worker of Yuyao Grocery Store Company. The picture shows students presenting Grandpa Zhang their hand-made gifts and listening to grandpa Zhang’s working experiences in the old times

Aerospace Exhibition Held in Ningbo

On April 28th, the Ningbo Aerospace  Exhibition was held at Gaoqiao Furniture Museum in Minle village, Gaoqiao Town, Haishu District. The combination of the advanced space science and technology and the traditional architecture of the Furniture Museum brings the audience a fascinating experience of traveling through time.

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