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Museums: Bridge between Citizens and Multiple Cultures

With the “International Museum Day” approaching, the museum units plans to carry out themed activities around May 18 to set up communication platforms for citizens to enhance their understanding about museums.

The theme this year is “Super-connection: new style, new public.” Linking the publics and multiculturalism, the museums creatively attract more people to experience culture here.

It is learnt that the activities to be launched on the 18th will include the “Qianlong Treasures Exhibition” of Tianyi Pavilion Museum, “Chinese Dream of a Frenchman” of Chinese Port Museum, “Banpo Sites and Cultural Exhibition” of Hemudu Sites Museum, “Luoyang Ancient Frescoes and Painted Cultural Relics Exhibition” of Cixi Museum, “New Collection of Cultural Relics Exhibition” at Fenghua Exhibition Hall of Historical and Cultural Relics, “Ningbo Gang Cultural Miniature Exhibition” of Ningbo Gang Museum, series of traditional cultural activities of Baoguo Temple Ancient Architecture Museum and so on.

Ningbo museums will also try new methods to bring exhibition closer to the public. It is the first time that Tianyi Museum has tried to combine the traditional exhibition hall with the digital exhibition hall, showing the three treasures rewarded by Qianlong, an emperor in Qing Dynasty to Tianyi Pavilion. On May 18, Tianyi Museum will be live broadcast through Sina to interact with the public and popularize its collection spirit. The Ningbo Museum will be live broadcast on the Internet for all the audience to show how to restore cultural relics and how to frame paintings. At the same time, 50 viewers will be invited to visit the exhibition and forward it through WeChat or Weibo. In the afternoon, the Ningbo museum plans to hold the first education forum for the Yangtze River Delta museums. The old site of Fenghua Jiuzhong library will launch "Resurrection" activities to show the library features in Republic of China. The Librarians in traditional Chinese garments of the Republic of China will serve the public for borrowing of ancient books. The "Internet plus" reading area will be added. The "e-book download device" will be open to the public for free


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