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First Green Plant Waste Disposal Site in Ningbo Put into Operation

After being crushed and added with beneficial bacteria for fermentation, the green plant waste can become high-quality organic fertilizer. After construction and preparation, Jiangbei green plant waste disposal site was put into operation with a daily processing capacity of 5 tons to 7 tons,as the first green plant waste disposal site in Ningbo.

“In accordance with the relevant guidance, the green plant waste can be recycled after certain treatments, such as unified collection and scientific crushing.” The official from Jiangbei District Ecological Conservation Center said that the humus transformed from the waste could meet the need of the daily garden maintenance. The recycling involves more than 10,000 trees in Jiangbei and waste coming from parks of more than 500,000 square kilometers.

In the recycling site, the garden workers put the dead branches into the crusher. The sawdust will later be mixed up with beneficial bacteria for fermentation. Officials said that after the first fermentation, the waste would become organic fertilizers after another fermentation, which will last 5 or 7 days. This kind of fertilizer can also improve soil quality while providing nutrients for trees

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