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Painting exhibition for female artists held

A painting exhibition for the works of three female artists (the N3 group) from Hangzhou and 15 from Ningbo was held at the No.117 Art Center on April 22. This is the first attempt of a co-exhibition by artists from the two cities, which provides a good opportunity for the communication of the artists and for the citizens to enjoy the omnipresent art and beauty in life.

The N3 group is an artist group of three female amateur artists from Hangzhou, and the three "Ns" refers to nice, new and news. The group members, Jin Hui, Liu Wen and Chen Yingying, are all fond of painting and they often hold exhibitions of their works in Hangzhou. This is the first time for them to bring their exhibition to Ningbo, and they also invited 15 female amateur artists of Ningbo to join hands with them for the exhibition.

After the opening ceremony, a "female saloon" was held for the participating artists. And the exhibition will be on until May 5

New production of Famous Yue Opera 'Xima Bridge' Performed for the First Time

On the evening of April 16th, a new production of 'Xima Bridge' was first presented by Yinzhou Yue Opera Group in Shishan Theatre of Jiangshan, Yinzhou. Starring many brilliant young actors including Liu Jie, Zheng Yan, Chen Er, Hu Yumeng, the play was greeted with rapturous applause for its outstanding actors, beautiful lighting, breathtaking plot and elegant style of singing.

Haisi International Music Summit Forum Held in Jiangbei

On the afternoon of Apr.14th, Haisi International Music Summit Forum, a significant component of 2017 China (Ningbo) Cultural Industries Fair, was held in S&N Hotel, Jiangbei District, during which 100-plus reps and guests met with each other and voiced their opinions towards the development of music industry.

Zhou Jianchao, president of China Audio & Vedio Copyright Management Association delivered a keynote speech. He stated that the stagnancy of domestic original music in recent years had something to do with inadequate protection of music copyright brought by rapid development of the Internet.

Zang Yanbin, vice president of China Audio-visual & Digital Publishing Association and head of the executive committee of Maritime Silk Road International Music Festival remarked, “Ningbo is culturally and economically profound. It is fully qualified to promote cultural and music development. Turning it into a music harbor or even music outport is possible.”

Shen Haojie, associate prof from the Music Faculty of Ningbo University briefed on Ningbo musicians’ contributions to Chinese modern music. He said, “Since 1890, more than 60 ‘firsts’ in the

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Lu Qiao 2017 Painting Exhibition in China Staged at Laowaitan

As a part of the activities of “Oriental Beauty” organized by Ningbo Culture Promotion Committee, “Philosophy of Chinese Painting: Lu Qiao 2017 Painting Exhibition in China" was opened at Laowaitan by the committee on April 15th, with over 40 works of the famous painter on display covering images of natural landscapes, plants and animals and figures.

Having been learning traditional painting since 20 years ago, Lu Qiao sticks to the traditional Chinese painting style with masterly techniques. With series of works well-received in painting community, he has held numerous personal exhibitions in art museums around China and some of his works were collected by museums home and abroad.

The exhibition is reported to last until may 8th

Themed Cultural Township to Be Built in Hangzhou Bay New Area

On the afternoon of Apr.14th, 2017 China (Ningbo) Cultural Industries Fair saw the signing of an 800-million-worth project between Hangzhou Bay New Zone and China Travel Service Investment Co., Ltd. The two parties intend to build a themed cultural township integrating nature, humanism and innovation in Hangzhou Bay New Zone.

It is said that in terms of investment, the project is the biggest signed during the Fair. Abiding by their agreements, the two parties will carry out cooperation in fields like cultural tourism, comprehensive urban development, healthy leisure and derivative industries of tourism. In the future, a unique, interactive and pioneering tourist resort will be built beside Hangzhou Bay to turn out a highlight in tourism of Hangzhou Bay region or even Eastern China


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