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Ningbo to develop sports tourism

Recently, Ningbo leading group for holistic tourism has issued the "implementation plan for accelerating the integrated development of sports and tourism in Ningbo", proposing the "tourism + sports" strategy. By 2020, the total population of sports tourism will reach 30 million, accounting for 20% of the total tourists, and the total consumption volume of the sports tourism will exceed 30 billion yuan.

The integrated development of sports and tourism is an important measure of the holistic tourism strategy, as well as an important part of public fitness and "healthy China" initiative. To promote the in-depth integration of sports and tourism and satisfy the diversified fitness and tourism demands of the people, the plan puts forward four goals. Firstly, with the urban area, the western mountainous area, the eastern coastal area, and such

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Exhibition of Chinese paintings by Cen Qi held

The 2018 exhibition tour of the Chinese paintings by Cen Qi came to Ningbo Gallery on May 6, exhibiting 113 recent works of painter Cen Qi, including landscape paintings, flower and bird paintings and figure paintings.

Cen Qi, 50 years old now, born in Cixi County, started his learning of painting at the age of seven, and has learned directly from the Chinese painting master Lu Yifei. In his career of painting, he has learned by copying the masters and composed his own quaint Chinese painting works, and he has held his personal exhibitions in Singapore and many places in China. Reportedly, this exhibition in Ningbo will last for half a month

First Green Plant Waste Disposal Site in Ningbo Put into Operation

After being crushed and added with beneficial bacteria for fermentation, the green plant waste can become high-quality organic fertilizer. After construction and preparation, Jiangbei green plant waste disposal site was put into operation with a daily processing capacity of 5 tons to 7 tons,as the first green plant waste disposal site in Ningbo.

“In accordance with the relevant guidance, the green plant waste can be recycled after certain treatments, such as unified collection and scientific crushing.” The official from Jiangbei District Ecological Conservation Center said that the humus transformed from the waste could meet the need of the daily garden maintenance. The recycling involves more than 10,000 trees in Jiangbei and waste coming from parks of more than 500,000 square kilometers.

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Ningbo-Nice Begins on September 28th

On the afternoon of May 2nd, the 2018 Ningbo-Nice International Carnival Organizing Committee held a press conference in Beijing to welcome global tourists to Ningbo for the original "cultural feast" held from September 28th to October 3rd.

As starting point of the maritime Silk Road, Ningbo is recognized as a "living fossil" that records the history of the ancient Silk Road. In recent years, based on port advantages, Ningbo aims to establish itself as an international port city, a city of Oriental civilization and strives to become a forerunner for the construction of The Belt and Road. And 2018 Ningbo nice Carnival will boost the construction of international leisure tourism destination to build a new brand of "cultural tourism on the Maritime Silk Road" in twenty-first Century.

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Rural demonstration and renovation program boosts rural tourism

As an important project of the rural demonstration and renovation program of Jin'e Village of Xiwu Town of Fenghua District, the 2018 Rhododendron Culture Tourism Festival was started on April 22, attracting about 7000 visitors coming to appreciate the blooming rhododendrons on the mountains of the village


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