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Jiangdong Government Forges Talent Platform Cluster

Recently, the top visual R & D team "Shiruidi" in China has settled in Jiangdong District, the project entering the process of "one thing, one way to deal with" and being finished in only five days. Zhang Tao, the team leader, said that they felt the sincerity of the government in the mutal communication. The government quickly prepared the apartment and office for them, which resolved the pressing danger.
   In recent years, Jiangdong District has vigorously implemented the "pilot project" of talent platform cluster. The government has improved the personnel security system and made use of the policy of " one thing, one way to deal with" and talent reserve system to promote core driving force of the introduction of high-end talent, accelerating the "talents gathering in Jiangdong ".
   At the beginning of 2016, Jiangdong government has clearly put 7 major industries of regional economic development, including financial services, business services, cultural and creative industries, into the "13th Five-Year" planning. The chief of Jiangdong District Personnel Office suggests that in order to promote accurate docking of talent projects and the layouts of 7 industries, the government has creatively launched two-way referral mechanism for talent project. The talent platform recommends the high-quality project to the government, enjoying the government policy support and accelerating the development of the project; the government, through attracting talents, introduces the appropriate projects to the platform, promoting industry agglomeration.

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Ningbo Graduates Get Access to Employment Subsidies

Notice on accepting employment subsidies for college graduates in the second half of 2016 newly released on October 14th suggests that with immediate effect, the qualified graduates can pre-declare through mobile clients; also they can go to the public  employment service institutions in every district for declaration on site during the weekdays from October 20th to 31st . The standard of the subsidies is RMB3600 for vocational college graduates per person and RMB6000 for bachelor degrees or above per person.
Then who are eligible for the subsidies? The answer is the graduates registered in Industry and Commerce Administration are employed by small and micro enterprises for the first time in districts under city jurisdiction in 2 years from graduation. The graduates are dispatched by HR service institution. Both of the institution and the enterprises have to meet the standard of classification of small and medium-sized micro enterprises. Besides, the industrial and commercial registration of the HR service institution shall lie in the jurisdiction of the city, and the actual employment enterprise shall be in the administrative area of this Municipality.

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Two municipal master's studios built in Jiangbei District

It is learned from the Human Resources and Social Security Department of Jiangbei District that the 2016 list of municipal master's studios has been issued, and the Master He Wei's Studio of Xinyuan Industry Group and the Master Wu Fenfen's Studio of New Dachang Textile Co. Ltd. have been included in the list.

Reportedly, to strengthen the cultivation of skilled talents and promote the district's talent development strategy, Jiangbei District has launched the construction of master's studios since 2013. So far, there are two provincial master's studios, six municipal studios and eight district-level ones

Ningbo to be built as a "music city"

The 3rd Zhejiang Provincial Chorus Festival as well as the 8th Chinese Filial Piety Cultural Festival kicked off on the evening of October 13. It is reported that the national music industrial base will officially settle down in Jiangbei District, and the Ningbo Music Port project is officially launched.

As the highlight of the festival, the chorus contest attracted 54 chorus from 11 cities in the province to compete for the final prize. The music and songs of the contest are all in line with the festival's theme of "singing for filial piety, thinking for the future".

Currently, Ningbo is making efforts to build a "music city", with the Ningbo Music Port as its major part. In early August this year, Jiangbei District signed the cooperation agreement with the Jadebird Cultural Group on co-building the national music industrial base in Ningbo. The two parties will co-build the Ningbo Music Port, a featured block with strong music characteristics integrating the music, tourism and fashion industry. Some other music brand projects, including the national theatre headquarters base, the "tribute ceremony for original music in China", Ningbo Music Park and Chinese Music Industry Exchange, will settle down in Jiangbei District, serving as the important supporting projects for the construction of the music port.

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Haishu starts "smart elderly care"

Without going out of the house, the elderly in need can receive such services as housekeeping and nursing with just a call or the online message. The portable smart elderly care products may keep record of the health conditions of the elderly and give out an alarm when there is anything wrong. These are just some examples of the smart elderly care scheme of Haishu District. On the afternoon of October 10, a smart elderly care promotion activity was held at the Guang'an Smart Elderly Care Service Center located on the "Public Welfare Street" of Haishu District.

There are now about 73,000 senior citizens above 60 years old in Haishu District, and with the aging rate of 24.7%, the district has a great demand for elderly care. The Guang'an Smart Elderly Care Service Center was established in July 2016 to address the demand. By taking advantage of the internet technology, the center has set up an elderly care information platform, and conducts online-offline interaction for demand docking with the support of some public welfare organizations concerned.

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