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Ningbo Practises People-oriented Urban Management

The Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of Jiangbei District of Ningbo City was formally established on the afternoon of 23rd, November.

Succeeding the listing of Ningbo Municipal Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau three months ago, it was the first district-level comprehensive law enforcement bureau in downtown Ningbo, which also marks the specific implementation and effective promotion of the comprehensive structural reform of Ningbo urban management system. The establishment of this bureau will add new force to create a service-oriented Ningbo municipal government through consolidating law enforcement forces, working out a better way to distribute resources and preventing bull management.

The change of names belies the enhancement of the bureau’s responsibilities and the expansion of its working range.

According to Weng Wei, director of Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of Jiangbei District, the bureau will ensure that the transferring, takeover and implementation of law enforcement items are carried out in a coordinated manner in line with the planning and deployment of higher government as well as 21 domains specified by provincial and municipal

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MICE brisk in Ningbo

The 2nd Aquatic-related Industries Exhibition was held in Ningbo on November 23, sponsored by the Aquarium Specialty Committee of Chinese Association of Natural Science Museums. The exhibition covered the four largest banquet halls of New Century Grand Hotel of Ningbo, and a trip to Ningbo Ocean World was arranged by the organizer.  
"This is an important event in the field." said a person in charge from Ningbo Shenfeng Ocean World Co. Ltd. The event attracted 470 representatives from 91 aquariums and 52 aquatic suppliers from the domestic mainland areas, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Australia. 
"The 2100-square meter banquet hall was fully occupied. The minute the meeting ended, the working staff began to set the chairs and tables for dinner. Everything was done within just a few minutes." said Chen Yanna from Landison Plaza Hotel, Ningbo. This is the scene of the founding ceremony of the Fujian Chamber of Commerce in Ningbo, the first 1000-people event of the newly opened hotel. 

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13th Five-year plan for human resources and social security issued

Ningbo Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued the "13th five-year plan for humans resources and social security cause" on November 8, which serves as a blueprint for the city's employment, business start-ups and social security promotion.

According to the plan, during the 13th Five-year Plan period, Ningbo will have a new addition of over 750,000 people in employment, and the employment rate of the college graduates will maintain a high 95% and above. To promote people to start businesses, Ningbo will issue the entrepreneurial environment index and create a proper entrepreneurial ecology with various measures. By 2020, there will be 500,000 newly added entrepreneurial entities, leading to the employment of 1.5 million people.

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2016 small and medium factories expo held in Ningbo

The 2016 Small and Medium Factories Expo was held at Ningbo International Conference and Exhibition Center on the morning of November 23. As a market-docking platform for the small and medium foreign enterprises, the expo attracted 5000 professional buyers for procurement. The expo will last for three days to the afternoon of November 25. 
With the deepened economic adjustment, the weak overseas market and the increasing production costs, the expo serves as a flexible platform between factories and businesses with the model of "sample + processing + customization + supply". Nearly 600 foreign trade factories attended the expo, with the exhibition area of over 25,000 square meters. The exhibitors brought with them tens of thousands of products, including daily necessities and industrial artifacts

Modern International Logistics Park joins construction of CEEC International Logistics College

On the afternoon of November 8, Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University signed a cooperative agreement with Ningbo Modern International Logistics Park, assigning the park as the co-building base for the CEEC International Logistics College.

The college is the first global multi-lateral logistics college based on China's "one belt, one road" initiative and the rapid development of Ningbo Port, and it is initiated by Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University and Bialystok University of Technology from Poland, and actively promoted by the related departments of Ningbo Municipal Government. The co-building agreement was signed in June 2015 during the China-CEEC Investment and Trade Expo.

So far, the logistics park has established a high-standard logistics storehouse of 460,000 square meters and a cold-chain storehouse of 150,000 square meters. The warehouse volume reaches 448,000 tons per year, accounting for over 50% of that of Ningbo Port. With an accumulated import and export volume of US$4.5 billion, involving 504 traders, the park was built as a state-level "demonstration zone for well-known brands for port trade service industry".

With the logistics park becoming a co-building base, the logistics college has expanded its Sino-foreign cooperation from education and research to the practical business, and it will provide a powerful "think tank" and talent support for the industrial transformation and upgrading of the logistics park, making it an international bridgehead logistics park in line with Ningbo's status as a world-class port

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