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Haishu to build digital agricultural construction pilot

According to the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture, the digital agricultural technology demonstration project for high-quality and high-efficiency field rice planting, one of the key digital agricultural construction pilot projects by the ministry, will settle down in Haishu District, thus a range of high-level agricultural technologies will be introduced to the district. It is reported that this is the only one project of its kind in the East China area. 

reportedly, the project will be built at the Modern Eco-agriculture Comprehensive Development Zone of the Gulin Town of Haishu District, covering five administrative villages with a total construction area of 10,900 mu. The first phase of the project covers 1500 mu, with a 800-mu smart irrigation system, and the major tasks include the upgrading of agricultural machinery, the installation of smart equipment and the remolding of the supporting facilities. The second phase covers an area of 8500 mu, mainly for information system construction, integrated data application and demonstration and display. "It is thanks to the brisk economy and the well-developed agricultural infrastructure that Haishu District is chosen for the pilot project." said a person in charge from the Agricultural Machinery Center of Ningbo Agriculture Bureau.

Foreign trade enterprises enjoy free entry-exit inspection and quarantine

To further reduce the burdens of the enterprises and promote the foreign trade economy of the Beilun District, Beilun Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau has cancelled the fee for entry-exit inspection and quarantine since April 1, 2017. It is estimated that about 100 million yuan can thus be saved for the foreign trade enterprises in the district. 

Since the beginning of this year, the inspection and quarantine fees have been gradually reduced. By reducing the scale of the fees, simplifying the charging procedures, suspending the inspection and quarantine fees for exports and full cancellation of the fees, the district aims to consolidate its support to the entity economy. 

In 2016, Beilun Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau handled 94,000 batches of entry or exit goods with a total value of US$20.574 billion. A total of 7990 cargo ships were quarantined with 161,500 staff members, and a total of 119,000 inspection and quarantine certificates were issued

A national oceanic park to be built at Hua'ao Island

The State Oceanic Administration approved the building of the national oceanic park of Hua'ao Island of Xiangshan County on April 7.

Located to the east of the Sanmen Bay area of Xiangshan County, the Hua'ao Island is about 12 kilometers away from the Shipu Port.

With the geological relics featuring volcanic coastal landscape, the Hua'ao Island has its environmental, natural and cultural advantages in developing the oceanic ecological tourism.

According to the planning of the oceanic park, the project will cover the Hua'ao Island and 24 surrounding reefs as well as the surrounding water area. The park will cover such three functional areas as the major protection area, the ecological and resource restoration area, and the proper utilization area

Luoqi Music Library settles down at Ningbo Music Port

The opening ceremony of the Luoqi Music Library, an important addition to Ningbo Music Port, was held on April 9.

The library is located at the North Bank Wealth Center of the Xinma Road of Jiangbei District, the central area of Ningbo Music Port. As a private music library, it has carried out a serious of music-related activities since its establishment in 2012. The library has developed long-term cooperation with numerous professional music organizations and agencies, and has created its good name in the music circle of Ningbo. 

Reportedly, the Luoqi Music Library will continue to carry out various kinds of activities with its aim of "opening our ears and finding good music around us". In addition, the library will organize the staff to research and sort out the music cultural history of Ningbo

Models for rural tourism selected

Recently, the Maoyang Township of Xiangshan County, the North Mountain area of Jiangbei District, the Dayan Town of Fenghua District and the Huchen Township of Ninghai County have been selected as the first demonstration zones for rural region-based tourism.

To further promote the element clustering and transformation and upgrading of rural tourism, in May 2016, Ningbo took the lead in China to launch the rural region-based tourism model, and a large group of areas with outstanding tourist resources and good industrial bases started to build the region-based tourism units. The above four demonstration zones have then been selected through on-the-spot inspection, oral defense and ledger check.

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