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Yinzhou District actively attracts talents

Since March this year, Yinzhou District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has organized the enterprises in the district to attend the job fairs in such places as Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Anhui Province and Wuhan, and have attracted over 2000 applicants at the fairs.

52 major enterprises, including Ningbo New Oriental School, Shenglong Group and Ningbo Construction Group, brought with them over 300 posts for high-end talents to the recruitment fairs, covering such fields as education, finance, human resources service, machinery manufacturing, construction, foreign trade and hotel industry.

At the fairs, the human resources and social security bureau have actively introduced the development environment, the beneficial policies for talents and talent requirement information through online publicizing, posters and publicity pamphlets. The applicants are interested in the talent strategies, development environment and comprehensive supporting policy system featuring relocation allowance, housing allowance, talent apartments, venture center and talent incentives.

Reportedly, it is a major action of Yinzhou District to attend talent recruitment fairs outside Ningbo after the restructure of the administrative districts, with the aim of improving talent structure and adjusting to the "new normal" state of the regional economy. In the following period, the district will attend more high-end talent recruitment fairs in other cities to further explore the new talent attraction channels and ways.

First rural tourism complex of Jiangbei to be built at Yongjiang Street

Recently, the ground-breaking ceremony of the "happy village" project was held at Yongjiang Street, attracting a lot of citizens concerned with the future development of the block. Reportedly, the project, with an investment of 70 million yuan for the first phase, will cover a total area of 628 mu, involving Fanlitang Administrative Village and Waicao Administrative Village. As the first rural tourism complex, the project will be completed by the end of 2017 and will then serve as an excellent destination for Ningbo citizens.

The project will certainly benefic the local villagers. "I used to rent my houses to the local vegetable growers, and now I rent them to the village authority with a higher rent. We are now living a better life." said a Mr. Zhang from Jiangshen Village.

"Now, to develop the project, the enterprises concerned will rent the houses of over 30 rural households of Jiangshen Village (of Fanlitang Administrative Village) and Xiaoxujiang Village (of Waicao Administrative Village) as well as some previously vacant lots, and remove the illegally built houses. This will not only increase the renting for the villagers but also improve the whole environment of the village." said Li Genhua, Secretary of the Party Committee of Waicao Administrative Village

Calligraphy works exhibited at Beilun People's Art Museum

About 100 pieces of calligraphy or engraving works, all of which are award winners of the 2016 Seasonal Calligraphy Contests in Beilun District, were displayed at the People's Art Museum on April 6.

The Seasonal Calligraphy Contest has been held in the four seasons since 2016. As a part of the mass art popularization program, the contest has attracted a lot of calligraphy amateurs. Besides propagating traditional Chinese culture, the contest has helped to improve the art standard of the calligraphy or engraving amateurs and cultivate a lot of calligraphy or engraving associations. 

According to a person in charge from Beilun Cultural Center, the contest has accumulated over 400 art works in the last year, with the participants' ages ranging from nine to 91. The works exhibited this time are in various forms and full of novelty. With the different themes and artistic features, the works demonstrate fully the artistic quality and standard of the citizens and a positive mental outlook of the people

1st China Youth Lacquer Painting Contest to be held

To promote the development of the youth lacquer painting art, and facilitate the composition, display and communications of the young lacquer painting artists, The China Artists Association will host the first China (Beilun, Ningbo) Youth Lacquer Painting Contest. The works collection activity has been launched recently. 

The lacquer painting works of the young artists (born after September 1, 1972) that are painted in recent years and haven't been exhibited nationally are qualified for the contest. There is no limitation on the theme, style and form of the works, and the deadline of the works collection period is June 20. A total of 220 pieces of works will be displayed at Ningbo Art Gallery from August 4 to 27. Then, a related academic seminar will be held and a collection of the works will be published. The artists of the top 50 works will be awarded with an application qualification for joining in the China Artists Association

"Bird Protecting Week" kicks off

The opening ceremony of the 2017 Wild Animal Protection Awareness Month as well as the Bird Protecting Week was held in Ninghai County on the morning of April 7. At the ceremony, besides the displaying boards for bird knowledge and the wild bird specimen display, a variety of other activities including expert lectures and quiz with awards were held to publicize the knowledge of wild animal protection and related regulations and laws.

The annual wild animal protection awareness month activity falls in April each year. This year, with the theme of "protecting birds, protecting green home", Ningbo will carry out such special activities as lectures on rescuing wild animals, "birds and me" speech contest, wild bird picture exhibition on campus and "city swallow" birdwatching activity

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