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Cloud industrial base of Tencent put into use in Zhenhai District

As was announced at the Tencent Internet Summit Forum on Cloud Industry on the morning of May 18, the Tencent Cloud Industrial Base, the first of its kind by the Tencent Cloud, had been officially put into use on the "innovation and entrepreneurship street" of the Zhongguan Road of Zhenhai District. So far, Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent, the top three internet giants in China have launched their cloud industries in Ningbo.

The summit forum, with the theme of "connecting, smart manufacturing and ecology", serves as a platform for the senior executives from such prominent enterprises as Tencent and Oracle to share ideas on the developing trend of the industrial internet and its revolutionary impact on the traditional industries. The settlement and operation of the Tencent cloud industrial base in Ningbo indicated that the industrial manufacturing in Ningbo has adopted the emerging patterns

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Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Holds International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

On May 15th, the 2018 Ningbo Hangzhou Bay International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition started in the Fudan Hangzhou Bay Science Park. In accordance with Ningbo projects od introducing high level innovative talents, it welcomes high quality projects around the world.

According to the introduction, the competition is sponsored by the Hangzhou Bay New Area Management Committee of Ningbo and the Ningbo Research Institute of Fudan University, focusing on the three major industrial fields of intelligent manufacturing, life and health and green technology. It is divided into six stages to select high quality projects, promoting the construction of an international industrial city and a modern beautiful bay area. 

According to the "regional contests + finals", the competition has regional trials overseas including Santiago, Singapore and Israel and domestic competition areas including Hongkong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Changsha, Chongqing, Hangzhou,

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Yangtze Delta Intelligent Manufacturing Collaborative Innovation Forum Held in Ningbo

On the afternoon of May 12th, The Yangtze Delta Intelligent Manufacturing Collaborative Innovation Forum was held in Jiangbei District, Ningbo.

Manufacturing is the main field of scientific and technological innovation. As the first pilot city of "China Manufacturing 2025", Ningbo is currently promoting a major project "Science and Technology Innovation 2025" and will focus on the following ten fields, new energy vehicles, intelligent devices / advanced semiconductor chips and applications, advanced materials, high-performance motor and high-end CNC machine tools, robots and high-end equipment, biomedicine and high-performance medical instruments, new energy, energy saving and environmental protection and key basic components. We will strive to conquer 200 key technologies within 5 years, introduce

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Ningbo to Select 100 Model Entrepreneurs Worldwide

It is learned from Ningbo Chamber of Commerce that Ningbo is going to launch an activity to find Ningbo model merchants throughout the year to commemorate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up.

2018 witnesses the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. In the 40 years of challenges, Ningbo, as a frontier city of reform and opening up, has sprung up a large number of outstanding business leaders who have ventured and renovated in the industries. They have made great contributions to the economic development for Ningbo, China as well as the rest of the world, writing a glorious chapter in their time.

In order to publicize the model of Ningbo merchants, carry forward the spirit of Ningbo merchants and enhance the cohesion of Ningbo merchants, Ningbo will hold the merchants exemplification activity to put up 100Ningbo merchants of great

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First state-level fashion design agency introduced to Ningbo

The "national design R&D center for children's wear", the first state-level fashion design agency introduced to Ningbo, was inaugurated in Jiangbei District recently. In the meantime, the first fashion show of the center was held at the underground parking lot of the Baisha Park.

Reportedly, the center, as a direct industrial subsidiary of China Textile Engineering Society, has settled down in the Huayujinding Fashion Technology Co. Ltd. by taking advantage of the strong textile tradition of Ningbo, the center aims to broaden the design concepts of the children's wear and share the fashion trends of the children's clothes nationwide.

Clothes made in Ningbo have long been a brilliant icon of the city over the past century. The Huayujinding Fashion Technology was established in the Baisha Street area at the end of 2016. "

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