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US department store giant comes to Ningbo

A batch of cross-border commodity packages from the Macy's were received and cleared by the inspection and quarantine departments of Ningbo Airport, marking the official settlement of the department store giant at the airport, which means that the Ningbo citizens can have access to the globally prominent brands of the department store in the form of direct mail.

Macy's Inc., founded in 1858, is one of the largest retail department stores in the US. With about 800 stores throughout the country, it is one of the World's Top 500 Enterprises of the Fortune Magazine in 2016. The official website of Macy's will soon be launched to provide more brands to the Chinese consumers. As is reported, the department store expects to bring about 40,000 categories of registered commodities on the cross-border e-commerce system of Ningbo Airport, mainly including the prominent brands in such fields as clothes and shoes, high-end cosmetics, jewelry items and household goods. 

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Haining Economic Promotion Association established in Ningbo

The Ningbo branch of Haining Economic Promotion Association was established on May 6, with the aim of promoting the economic, social and cultural exchanges between Ningbo and Haining. 56 enterprises of Haining origin became the first members of the association and Fu Mingde was elected director of the association.

As both are cities at the Yangtze River Delta area, Ningbo and Haining have similar geographical conditions and humanity traditions. Since the beginning of the reform and opening-up policy, an increasing number of entrepreneurs of Haining origin have started their own businesses in Ningbo. So far, there are several thousand entrepreneurs of Haining origin in Ningbo, who have started or co-founded over 70 enterprises in such fields as real estate, logistics, business and trade, import and export, cultural media and printing. Some prominent brands are developed by such enterprises, including the Kaiyao Electronics, Sugar Report, Doctor Miao Nationality, and Qilai Pet Clinic.

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The 6th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition(Ningbo) Launched

According to Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, the 6th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition(Ningbo) has started.

China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition is one of the top innovation and entrepreneurship competitions with the largest number of participants in China. Having been held in Ningbo for five times, the competition has played an important role in promoting the city image of Ningbo. According to statistics, Ningbo enterprises and groups that have participated in the competition have received total investments of 940 million yuan. 

Organized by the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the competition has three rounds including preliminary, semi-final and final. Each of the top 20 enterprises elected will receive an award of 30,000 to 500,000 yuan and get access to the national Final competition. These enterprises will be provided with a credit line of 50 million yuan and angel investment funds of 200 million yuan by the organizing committee of the competition. 

During the intervals of the competition, a variety of activities will be held, one-on-one tutor consultations, roadshows, brainstorming, investment negotiations and training included. Eligible companies can register for the competition on the official website of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition ( from May 1 to May 31.

Ningbo trade group yields a bumper harvest at the 13th China International Animation Festival

Ningbo animation businesses harvested quite abundant in the 6-day 13th China International Animation Festival which ended in Hangzhou May 3. 

The participating animation enterprises from Ningbo received more than 200 thousand visitors and negotiated business with more than 100 television stations and new media platforms. They had 35 projects signed on the spot (including agreements of intent), involving acquisition of copyright, picture book development, authorization, reshooting of popular plays online, with the aggregated amount of 2.698 million yuan. Besides, they registered/recorded 200,000 yuan in sales of animated products. 

It’s worth mentioning that the Zhejiang Weiwei Cultural Creative Co., Ltd. signed contracts on trading of derivatives with the headquarters of Zhejiang Xinhua Bookstore, among which, one contract is about Chong Qi Xian Niang, a product of Ningbo Yikun Digital Technology Co., Ltd., which has seen the hits totaling 100 million on Tencen

ENGIE becomes the first enterprise of the Fortune Global 500 to bring its project to Zhenhai

On the afternoon of 18th, The French group, ENGIE declared to contribute 350 billion RMB to buying 25% of the stock shares of Unisun. It is the first foreign enterprise in Fortune Global 500 firms that has ever invested in Ningbo. In addition, it also signed the first foreign-invested energy project with Ningbo. 

The major businesses in Unisun are the research and development, investment, construction and operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic power station with a result of 300 megawatt in nearly 3 years. when the founder, He Yisha, who was born and brought up in Zhenhai District, was inspired by the favorable investment environment, innovating atmosphere and all-rounded, one-stop services, she made up her mind to relocate the headquarters in Zhenhai District, which becomes a typical example for boosting local economy and maximizing the land use in Zhejiang Province.

The electricity, natural gas and energy service of the French group, ENGIE are world-leading. After the transaction, the newly-invested company is planning to inject over 30 billion RMB to its services and products. By 2020, it will have developed the project of photovoltaic power station over 4000 megawatt and have expanded the businesses to the fields relevant to the renewable energy resources such as stored energy and intelligence micro grid.

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