Razor clam feast

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Published: Monday, 15 April 2019 14:48

The razor shell is especially fat and tender during the time of Qingming. (Photo by Hu Long)

The first Zhanqi Razor Clam Festival kicked off on April 7th, and thousands of villagers attended the feast.

Around 8 o'clock on April 7th, tents were set up in the small square in front of the government of Zhanqi Town, Yinzhou District. Chief chefs from famous seafood restaurants in the town took kitchen utensils and spices to the feast and cooked a big razor clam dinner in different ways like barbecued clams, boiled clams, salted clams, crispy clams, etc. The villagers enjoyed the feast a lot.

It is reported that Zhanqi town has a coastline of 11 kilometers, and the unique sea area where the brackish water and the fresh water meet has produced delicious seafood. Compared with the razor clams in other places, a representative dish of Zhanqi is especially delicious. Soak the clam in salt water for one hour, put them into the enamel cup, and steam without water for three or four minutes. In this way, the clam meat is elastic and fragrant