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The 8th Ningbo Rape Flower Festival opens

A cheerful dance at the opening ceremony. (Photo by Jiang Pan and Zhang Peijian)

On March 15th, the fine weather made the rape flower in Nanling Village of Ninghai Sangzhou Town look especially splendid and attractive. On the same day, the 8th Ningbo Rape Flower Festival and the 16th Ninghai Sangzhou Tea Festival kicked off.

The local specialty displayed in a row feasts both the eyes and appetite of the tourists. The signs of each booth detailed the ingredients and origins of various snacks such as Maibing(Pie), Maijiaotong(like taco),

Mochi, Juicy  Baozi and so on. Local women were busy making pies, filling stuffing, and steaming Baozi. Sangzhou also invited the nearby towns like Yongxi County, Shaliu Street, Chalu and Qiantong to join the feast for the tourists.

The relevant person in charge of Sangzhou Town said that the festivals such as the rape flower festival and the tea festival formed the local “flower sea economy”, which drove the rapid development of the industrial chain such as catering, B&B, and shopping. There is a stable tourist number of 300,000 person-times every year. The direct tourism income of is more than 2 million yuan, which indirectly drives the sales of local agricultural and sideline products by more than 10 million yuan, and the per capita income of rural tourism farmers is 1,200 yuan

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