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Time for tree planting

These days, at the invitation of the Party Committee of Nantang Community, Duan Tang Street, Haishu District, more than 30 volunteers participated in the first tree planting activity after the community environmental improvement, adding a vibrant green for the community with practical actions

Drying Seaweed

In the past few days, floating seaweed can be seen everywhere in some breeding ponds in a town in Ninghai County. "When the north wind blows, the dried seaweed is the most tender. About 300 kilograms of wet seaweed are collected a day, and only 50 kilograms after drying, and the price is about 90 yuan per kilogram." said Chu

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Making moon-shaped fans

On March 6, some enterprise employees and community residents of the Minglou Street and the Hefeng Community of Yinzhou District learned to make the moon-shaped fans with the help of the tutors at the Makers' Center of Hefeng Community, enjoying the charm of the traditional Chinese culture

Farmers harvest bamboo shoots

These days, the villagers of Hengxi Village of Jiulong Lake Town of Zhenhai District were busy digging the bamboo shoots out. Reportedly, the bamboo field of the Jiulong Lake Town is about 15,000 mu large, accounting for about one third of the area of the mountain forest. This year, the first batch of spring bamboo shoots has been put on

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Baoguo Temple Presenting a Series of Cultural Activities of "National Treasure with You for 60 Years"

Sixty years ago, Baoguo Temple was announced by the State Council as the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units. This year marks the 1200th anniversary of Ningbo’s founding. Since yesterday, Baoguo Temple Ancient Architecture Museum has presented to the general public a splendid “National Treasure with You for 60

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