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Ningbo Library Held the Chinese Study Culture and Art Exhibition

The day before yesterday, the "This is the Study - Chinese Study Culture and Art Exhibition" was launched in the exhibition hall on the second floor of the Yongfeng Hall of Ningbo Library.

The exhibition selects 30 paintings related to reading places from the Song Dynasty to modern times, divided into three parts: the beauty of the study utensils, the beauty of the scenery of the Study and the landless Study to display the Study culture, and the QR code is pasted under each painting, and the reader can scan the QR code with the mobile phone to view the detailed interpretation of the painting.

Among the paintings on display are mountain springs and ravines, colorful clouds, Hsinchu after the rain, tall trees and deep cicadas, as well as thin plum thin bamboo and cold rain residual flowers, the paintings not only describe the space of the book, but also tell the

story of a literati. At the same time, the study utensils depicted in the paintings also reflect the aesthetic tastes of literati of different eras. For example, Duanzhou's Yantai Platform, Celadon Pen Washing, Redwood Table, Deqing Kiln Yan Drops, Huzhou Pen, Huizhou Ink and so on.

"This exhibition is not only a painting presentation of ancient Chinese calligraphy, but also a combing of Chinese calligraphy culture." The relevant person in charge of Ningbo Library was introduced.

The exhibition is hosted by the Reading Promotion Committee of the Library Society of China and hosted by Ningbo Library and will last until October 26

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