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China Family Sailing Race ends in Meishan Bay

Yesterday, the Ningbo Meishan Bay Leg of 2022 China Family Sailing Race ended in Huambo Fish Resort. After two days of fierce competition among 40 teams, the champions of Hobie Getaway and Hobie T2 went to the Prince and Flying Junior respectively.

As one of the main bases to build the "one lake, three bays and multiple points" pattern for the development of Ningbo water sports, Meishan Bay has just been successfully listed as the China Sailing Association Small Sailing Training Certification Center this year.

Qiu Ling, director of the Meishan Construction Management Service Center in Ningbo Economic and Technological Development Zone, said: "The family sailing competition has been held in Meishan Bay for four consecutive years, which has promoted the development of the sports tourism industry in Meishan Bay and promoted the integration with the youth sailing education industry. With the help of Meishan Bay's current development goal of building an 'ecological port', it will fully promote the development of the water leisure sports industry in Meishan Bay, making it a booster to help Ningbo build a famous sailing city in the Yangtze River Delta region and build a central marine city."

The China Ningbo No. 1 Sailing Team also participated in this competition

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