36 games of 1st People’s Games to sign up

Category: Ningbo News
Published: Sunday, 15 September 2019 11:10

The first People’s Games of Ningbo officially opened recently. On September 3, it was learned from the sports department that 36 games will be held, and eligible citizens can sign up for the competition.  

Among them, 14 games will be held in September: 3-person basketball, dragon dance, square dance, kayak ball, international checkers, directional, squash, sports paddle board, bocce ball, dragon boat, mountaineering, Taiji (Mulan Boxing) , Health Qigong, water rescue; 13 games will be held in October: darts, five-a-side football, pulleys (cross-country skiing),

fishing, swimming, badminton, softball, bridge, slow-casting softball, toddler models, kites, bodybuilding Fitness, Chinese chess; 9 games will be held in November: skateboarding, sports dance, quality sports robots, roller skating, bicycle, tug-of-war, gas volleyball, mini marathon, wooden ball