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Exhibition of 20 “grassroots” literary federations in Ningbo

On the afternoon of August 30th, the “Hometown and Nostalgia”theme recitation and the awarding ceremony of “Red Rhododendron” Ningbo Grassroots Literature Federation Exhibition was held in the second floor theater of Wuyi Square. 20 outstanding grassroots literary and art groups show their unique style.

The exhibition of Ningbo's grassroots literary federations was held for the first time in 2018. It has successively exhibited seven major art exhibitions of calligraphy, art, photography, folk crafts, drama, music and dance.  

The large-scale exhibition activities in 2019 included Quyi and the selection of essays on the theme of “patriotism and love of the hometown”. The two events have been completed. A total of 29 art programs and more than 200 works participated in the final evaluation. Finally, 10 “Red Rhododendron” awards, 15 excellent performance awards and 4 performance awards stood out. There are 10 "Red Rhododendron" awards, 10 excellent essays, and 10 selected works. The winning works will be compiled into a supplement of "Literature Port" and will be published. At the grassroots literary and artistic show, the exhibition also selected 5 outstanding organization awards and 5 organization awards.

The exhibition on August 30 selected some original boutiques and compiled them into a set of high-quality programs. The essay “Where I feel at home is my Hometown” selected by Xiangshan County Federation of Literary and Art details the memories of the hometown. The prose selected by Zhenhai District Literary Federation, “Old Tiles, Sketching a New Rhyme”, takes everyone into the old street to listen to the story of Ningbo and Zhenhai. Besides, "Country Remembrance" selected by the Fenghua District Literary Federation, the essay "The Ebb and Flow" selected by Ninghai County Federation of Literary, the poem "The Gaoqiao Fair" selected by Jiangbei District Literary Federation, and the female solo "Hometown" and male solo "That is me" shows the local accent from different angles, and expresses people’s nostalgia

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