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Oaks’ manufacturing base set up in Thailand

On the morning of August 24, oaks’ manufacturing base in Rayong industrial park in Thailand was completed and ready for production in January 2020. By then, 1.1 million sets of smart air conditioners will be produced in the smart factory of 100,000 square meters every year. After the completion of the second phase, the annual capacity of the base with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan will reach 3 million sets.

After the Brazilian and Indonesian factories, Oaks chose to establish its third overseas production base in Thailand,not only because of its market resources and ability to expand into Europe and the Americas, but also because of its potential to move up the global value chain.

The base will achieve comprehensive upgrades in five major areas, including automated production, digital decision-making and three-dimensional logistics, with an estimated 30% increase in per capita production capacity and a 30% reduction in product delivery. It is understood that in Jiangshan, Yinzhou, Oaks has realized the transformation of intelligent factories, which has increased production efficiency by more than 30%.

Whether a company can benefit from participating in globalization depends on how it joins the global value chain system. Through continuous efforts in recent years, Oaks has realized the transformation of manufacturing capabilities and innovative capabilities.

Oaks established a research and development center in Japan in March 2019 to conduct international research, innovative product incubation and innovative talent development, and on August 24, the Oaks Thailand manufacturing base was completed. Up to now, oaks has 10 manufacturing bases and 5 R&D centers, which provide continuous impetus for oaks’ development.

“By establishing overseas markets and competing with world-class companies, this will help improve R&D innovation and management capabilities at Headquarters,” said Zheng Jianjiang, Chairman of Oaks Group. According to the plan, the next step, Oaks will continue to help Ningbo’s development through international expansion. At the same time, relying on Ningbo’s economy, as well as intelligent manufacturing and R&D innovation, the company’s “100 billion dream” will be realized

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