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Calligraphy and seal carving exhibition of Chen Zhenlian to be held in Beijing

In 2018, the “Ningbo Calligraphy and Seal Carving Exhibition” in memory of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up policy, with the theme of “inheritance and development: master series” and the focus on the overall outlook of the young and middle-aged calligraphy and seal-carving masters, attracted great attention. Yesterday, a preparation meeting was held for the calligraphy and seal carving exhibition in Beijingby the Art Master Studio of Chen Zhenlian. This exhibition will be a new chapter of the “master series”, being another calligraphic show of the masters of Ningbo.

The “master series” is organized by the Art Master Studio of Chen Zhenlian. With its main creation content of the poems, quotations and inscriptions of Zhao Shuru, Ma Heng, Pan Tianshou and Sha Menghai, the four great calligraphy ofNingboorigin, the program aims to exhibit the calligraphy and seal carving works and spread the artistic thoughts and personal charms of the masters. The young artists are encouraged to follow the masters to experience the ideological and moral cultivation and shoulder the responsibilities of a new generation of the calligraphy and seal carving artists


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