Ningbo Day event held at Beijing horticultural expo

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Published: Monday, 22 July 2019 14:03

The opening ceremony of the “Ningbo Day” event was held at the Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition on the morning of July 17, attracting a lot of visitors from Ningboand all over the country.

“I was born and grew up in Ningbo, and I have special memories of the landscapes and life there.” said Zhou Jianping, Executive Deputy Director of the Affairs Coordination Bureau of the 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Expo, at the ceremony. He hoped that the “Ningbo Day” event will be a great success and attract more tourists to Ningbo.

At the opening ceremony, Xue Qiaoping, an inheritor of the intangible cultural heritage of “teeth-playing” ofNinghaiCounty, performed the traditional “teeth-playing” skills and attracted great attention from the audience.

Xue has practiced the “teeth-playing” performance for about 20 years, and she hoped to “attract the audience with the

fun and unique traditional cultural performance so that more people will get to know Ningbo and alsoNinghaiCounty”.

In addition, a series of other activities on the day also attracted great attention, including the performance of the cloth dragon dance of Fenghua District, another intangible cultural heritage item of Ningbo, the creative tea art performance, the exhibition of featured products of Ningbo, the exhibition of the intangible cultural heritage items of Ningbo, and the rural art promotion meeting.

After the opening ceremony, Ke Anjun, a citizen from Ningbo, said, “I am so proud of my city after watching the astonishing performances of teeth playing ofNinghaiCountyand the cloth dragon dance of Fenghua District.”

Several days before, Ningbo Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning, jointly with the Yongpai App, selected two families to go to visit the expo together with the report group of the Yongpai App, and Ke’s family was one of them.

Ke Anjun was quite impressed by the featured yard, tea elements, plants and flowers and intangible cultural heritage exhibition of the Zhejiang Pavilion. “It is well arranged. I heard that the over 600 kinds of plants and the old stone slates were delivered fromZhejiangProvincetoBeijing. The yard makes me feel at home.” he said.

Reportedly, the “Ningbo Day” event, with the theme of “new Silk Road and charmingNingbo”, is sponsored by Ningbo Municipal Government and undertaken by Ningbo Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning