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Passenger flow of Line 3 reaches 615,000 on the first day

On the first day of the opening of Metro Line 3, the total passenger flow reached 615,000. Compared with the average daily passenger flow of the subway line in May 2019, the number of passengers increased by more than 60%. 

According to Ningbo Rail Transit Group, the busiest three stations of each metro line are respectively: Dongmenkou Station, Gulou Station, Fuming Road Station of Line 1; Ningbo Railway Station, Chenghuangmiao Station, Gulou Station of Line 2;  Siming Middle Road Station, Qianhu North Road Station, Southern Business District Station of Line 3.

With Line 3, different urban areas and landmarks in the city like Datong Bridge, Minglou, Sakura Park, Children's Park, Yinzhou District Government, Southern Business District are drawn closer.  On the first day of the opening on June 30, passengers flocked to the new line to experience it.

"The subway opened at 10 o'clock. We arrived at 9 o'clock. So we had a walk around the station with our child. This station is really beautiful, and it is cool inside." Danfengxincun is a community near the Children's Park Station, and many people from there went to experience it.  

The builders of Line 3 also became the first passengers.  Xu Leyong, the person in charge of the 3106 standard construction of Line 3, participated in the construction of Phase I of Line 2 from 2011. In 2015, he began to involve in the civil construction and partial renovation of Children's Park Station of Line 3.

"In order to ensure the opening, we worked for 24 hours a day, and now we can finally hand over the construction results to the citizens of Ningbo." Xu Leyong said that it is a great honor and pride to participate in this project for the convenience of Ningbo citizens.  And it is more exciting to take the subway that he himself has participated in its construction

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