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Polish Artist Brzozowski Tytus in Ningbo

The artistic works of two artists, Brzozowski Tytus from Poland and Róth Miksa from Hungary, were exhibited in the China-CEEC Cultural and Art Exchange, which opened on the afternoon on July 2. The surrealist watercolor paintings by Brzozowski Tytus and the glass paintings and mosaic by Róth Miksa were displayed with Brzozowski Tytus Marcin himself introducing his works on site. Such events enabled visitors to enjoy the charm of CEEC cultures.

Brzozowski Tytus is an in-demand painter in Poland, and he had this opportunity to pay his very first visit to China thanks to Polish Tourism Bureau. He not only brought 30 of his dreamy and beautiful paintings, but also his stories of the pursuit of art. Before he took up painting, he was an architect after he graduated from Warsaw University of Technology. “The work of an architect is stressful, so I started to paint in my spare time and enjoy the beauty and leisure painting gave me. As time went by, I invested almost all my time in painting and started to represent the history and reality of my hometown Warsaw through surrealistic methods.”

Thanks to his architecture background, skyscrapers, bridges, trams, parks and green space are among the most frequently used elements in his creation. With his paintbrush, he portrayed Polish cities including Warsaw, Poznan and Krakow, and

he expressed his own Utopia with a flying attic. He managed to construct a Poland he loves in his painting through surrealistic techniques, and his works have become symbolic promotional tools for Polish Tourism.

A picture exhibition of Róth Miksa (1865-1944) will also be held. Róth Miksa enjoyed great fame in Hungary for his stained glass and mosaic art, and his works can now still be found in well-known buildings such as Hungarian Parliament Building and in many other churches, coffee shops and upscale communities. He once said: “No decorative arts can touch our hearts as deeply as stained glass n that it turns light into flowing colors.”

These two exhibitions are held in the U-space in Ningbo Culture Plaza, open to public for free from July 2 to 9, 10am to 5pm

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