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Beilun creates an ecological “slow circle”

the picture shows the newly built park. (Photo by Wang Wei and Chen Zhangkun)

Blue plastic jogging track, light green plastic walking track, yellow garden footpath... Recently, with the construction fence removed, the northern part of Beilun District Cultural Park(tentative name) was unveiled.“The park is very beautiful, and there are special fitness roads connected to the surrounding green parks. It is especially suitable for fitness walking.” Ms. Zheng, a resident of Longshun’s home, said happily.  

“The vegetation area of the new green space park is 28,000 square meters. The green road is more than 600 meters.” The person in charge of the urban management department of Beilun District said that in order to meet the exercising needs of the local people, Beilun started the construction of “fitness city” and started to upgrade the green space from 2018. In the new construction, we will consciously construct a green road suitable for slow travel, and focus on creating a “fitness green ring” that integrates commuting, leisure recreation, and outdoor sports.

The greenway ring is connecting the Beilun vitality ecosystem. In 2018, the fitness greenway ring A, around the Central Park, about 1.55 km long, and the 3.2-kilometer fitness trunk greenway B along the Zhonghe Road-Taishan Road-Taihe Road-Huangshan Road, were built. In 2019, Beilun District also added a slow greenway system to the newly created pocket park. For example, the newly built two pocket parks with a total area of about 2 hectares are located on Taihe Road and Huashan Road.

It is learned that Beilun District Sports Park is currently under construction, and a 660-meter-long fitness greenway will be added. According to statistics, there are a total of 12.42 million square meters of park green space in Beilun District, including 700,000 square meters of strip parks and 2.17 million square meters of green land next to the street

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