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Exported heraldic porcelain in Qing Dynasty exhibited at Port Museum

In the 18th and 19th centuries, the heraldic porcelain from Guangzhou was spread to the world, leading a new lifestyle and luxurious artistic taste in the West. It was also a historical testimony of Sino-West trade and cultural exchanges during this period.  On May 21st, "Glorious Memory - China's Qing Dynasty Export Heraldic Porcelain Exhibition" was opened at China Port Museum, recreating the grand occasion of Chinese and Western ceramic trade at that time, and showing the colorful heraldic porcelain decorative art and historical value to the audience.

The exhibition is divided into three sections: “Mystery of porcelain”, “Transoceanic Customization” and “Exotic charm”. It exhibits 100 pieces of porcelain collections of the Qing Dynasty collections from Guangzhou Museum, as well as some collections from China Port Museums.  It is a rare feast of exported porcelain in Qing Dynasty.

Heraldic porcelain is a combination of European heraldic art and Chinese porcelain craftsmanship.  Heraldic porcelain has traveled across the sea to countries such as Portugal, the Netherlands, the United

Kingdom, France, Sweden, and the United States.  Heraldic porcelain not only has high artistic value but also has rich historical and cultural connotations.  In the 18th and 19th centuries in China, Guangzhou's custom-made heraldic porcelain was very popular among Europe's aristocrats, They were luxury to show their glory and nobility.

This event is one of the series of activities of the 5.18 International Museum Day and the second cooperation exhibition between Guangzhou Museum and China Port Museum.

The exhibition will last until August 11 and is free to the public

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