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Ningbo cultural promotion activities debut in South Korea

Gold and silver embroidery, enamel art show, local opera, folk music song and dance performance... At noon on May 20th, the “2019 Ancient Port Maritime Silk Road·Smile Ningbo” cultural promotion event hosted by the Municipal Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau was held in the street square in Seoul, South Korea. More than 20 Ningbo artists thrilled Korean people with superb skills.


Performances like song "Dragon Character" with Chinese flavor, dance "Zanha", “Jiangnan”, and Ningbo opera "Boy Shi’er Lang" won warm applause from the audience. When He Lei and Su Xing, actors from Ningbo Performing Arts Group, performed Yong drama and electronic music "New Orchid", the audience screamed. After the performance, the audience shouted in Korean, "one more time", and the actors performed three more shows before they were able to make a curtain call.

In addition to the wonderful programs on the stage, Chinese intangible cultural heritage, Ningbo's handicrafts – gold and silver embroidery and enamel also attracted the Seoul visitors. Professor Li Yongnan from Seoul International Studies University said that he is very interested in Chinese culture and specially took his students to watch the show.

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