Ningbo Science and Technology Week kicks off

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Published: Friday, 24 May 2019 16:54

On May 18th, the annual Public Science Day was held at Ningbo Institute of Materials, Chinese Academy of Sciences. More than 450 teachers and students from 10 primary and secondary schools in the city, including Zhenhai District Experimental Primary School,

Wuxiang Middle School in Yinzhou District, Haishu Central Primary School and Jiangbei Central Primary School participate in the event. The event set up 8 interactive experiments including “Magic Filter Membrane”. The picture shows the pupils watching the compound eyes of the ants which have been amplified more than 500 times. (Photo by Jin Lu and Zhang Chaoliang)



On May 19th, the opening ceremony of Ningbo Science and Technology Week 2019was held.


This year's Science and Technology Week, focused on the theme of “Science and Technology Strengthening the Country, Science Popularization Benefiting the People”, designed 26 public innovations and mass scientific and technological activities from six major aspects in terms of “showing scientific and technological innovation achievements, experiencing good life activities, serving rural revitalization strategies, and promoting scientific and technological achievements to benefit the people”.


During the event, Ningbo will also organize experts and professors, and professionals in science and technology, science popularization and medicines to visit rural areas, enterprises, communities and schools to carry out happy science popularization, science and technology lectures, science and technology forums, on-site diagnosis, technology promotion, etc. These activities will bring a technology feast to the public.

In addition, the universities, research institutes, enterprises and other units in our city, which have places and facilities like non-confidential laboratories and showrooms and are able to popularize science, will also hold open-day activities during the science and technology activities week.

At the opening ceremony, a ceremony was held for the awarding ceremony of the national-level Xingchuangtiandi unit and the awarding ceremony for the volunteers of the Science and Technology Service. Xingtiansheng agricultural and animal husbandry Xingchuangtiandi, Jianhu Agricultural Xingchuangtiandi and other 11 Xingchuangtiandi units and Haishu District Science and Technology Service Volunteer Team representative received the plaque and team flag.

It is learned that the Science and Technology Week is an important platform for popularizing scientific knowledge and demonstrating scientific and technological achievements. Since 2001, it has been held for 18 consecutive years, becoming a popular science festival with extensive coverage, participation by the whole people and profound social influence