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An experimental drama of Ningbo to join Edinburgh International Festival of Drama

The "Story of Wang Yangming", an original experimental drama created by Ningbo Academy of Culture and Art, was rounded off at the Water Stage of Ningbo Cultural Plaza on the evening of May 4. This is the second time for the drama to be staged, and it will attend the Edinburgh International Festival of Drama in August this year. 
The drama was first staged at the Tianyi Pavilion Museum in October 2018 in the form of script reading as a key part of the closing ceremony of the 1st Ningbo Campus Drama Festival. Recently, the drama has received the invitation of the 5th Chinese Culture and Art Festival of this year's Edinburgh International Festival of Drama.
Edinburgh International Festival of Drama, one of the oldest and largest drama festivals in the world, is one of the top three global drama festivals, with the other two being the Berlin Festival of Drama and the Festival D'Avignon. The Chinese Culture and Art Festival, jointly started in 2015 by the Scotland China Chamber of Commerce, the Edinburgh Municipal Government, the Tourism Bureau of Scotland and the Edinburgh International Festival of Drama, has become an

important part of the international festival

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