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2012-06-17 | Father's Day thoughts

Today is Father's Day, this is the one for me is a very strange holiday. I is a comparison of Chinese people, not too cold for some of the so-called foreign section, including Valentine's Day, Christmas ... in general is the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Tomb Sweeping Festival and other traditional Chinese festivals. Today is also the occasional QQ space to see a Father's Day, Father as a mountain, talk about your idea of a father words. In fact, some of the foreign section is still very good, such as: Thanksgiving Day, including this Father's Day.
world 's first Father's Day, 1910 was born in the United States .
In 1909, Washington, a man named Bruce - Mrs. Dodd, to celebrate Mother's Day suddenly had an idea: Since Mother's Day, why not have a Father's Day ?  
  Dodd and her five brother early mother died, they raised single-handedly by the loving father. Many years later, the birth anniversary of the death of the siblings every father always recall his father devoted themselves to support a family scene. In support of Dr. Rasmus, she put pen to paper the state government to write a sincerely worded letter, called for the establishment of Father's Day, and recommended to holiday in the June 5 , her father's birthday on this day. Adopted her proposal to the state government hurriedly Father's Day 19 , in June 1909 , the first three Sunday. The following year, the Spokane City, where Dodd officially celebrate this festival, the mayor announced the proclamation of the Father's Day, given days Chonju Day. Other states also celebrate Father's Day.
  Father's Day on this day, people choose specific flowers to respect for his father. People to adopt Dodd's proposal, wearing red roses to the surviving fathers loved to wear white roses on the deceased's father, expressed condolences. Later, in Vancouver, people choose to wear white lilac, Pennsylvania dandelion paid tribute to his father.
I can only wear a white rose to pay tribute to two of my father. Two old father, a father gave me blood of life, a father-in-law to a life-long companion. The two elderly people in time, I had so joyfully to calculate this week to which her father's house, where one is to make good to eat one day. At that time, I felt I was a hiding in the fields and under the wings of the bird, although adults also have their own children, but, whether the unit is how mature, and even can be said to work independently, but to The two old front of his father, I feel I was a kid, you can enjoy the old father's care, and enjoy the caress of his father's loving eyes.
The father is getting old, but my life and work have been in the eyes of their wisdom. Two old father, like two towering trees, seems to constitute a forest, where green blocks out the sun, the wind whistled, the pouring rain the day, you can shelter; sinister shelter from the sunlight in the summer heat; father's forest, will magically gave many of our favorite things is that I did not know that I love is valid? But here will be pleasantly surprised to find that: the original, I like this, like what!
Old father of two, I feel the sky is falling Some wore. No matter how much the two old father, feeling hearts have to rely on. Father umbrellas, father, this umbrella, small umbrella, but the umbrella of a tung oil bamboo bones. Remember a child, my first umbrella is a yellow paper umbrella, opened it too hard, I put this small body weight of pressure to go up are not open, is the father gently push opened. Although this is the big umbrella of the father, not the face of the past gradually umbrella umbrella instead of a folding umbrella is now more fancy, more lightweight, and has become a mainstream umbrella. However, that is, the old umbrella is also the umbrella of my heart, he used to be my shelter, escorted. Perhaps it seems is old, and passage of a bright face, you can still see a little old, but after all one can from the storm umbrella.
Just a decade ago, two of my old father have been away from me. From that time I began to lose from the storm umbrella, the forest can be blotting out the sun ... is this day, I have tears in their eyes, that start from the top of this days, this day I have to do this family tree, to family shelter, should be like two old father, tough ... to endure all the pain, to endure all the suffering ... I can not his family before the tears, I want to be strong ... to the family to rely on, to his family in a warm.
The father felt so good. Very envious of some of my colleagues have retired can also needed to blow off Johnson in front of his father, to his father to make some unreasonable demands.
These is a luxury for me, I can only in the mind to wear a white rose, to mourn the passing away of two old father, May you in heaven can live safely, go for a blow, drink, chat, The two old to look after loved ones of the earth, bless us all well-being!

found on a chinese blog and translated into english

something to think about

No is sometines so much better than a yes. Keep in mind most of the time the Child is controlling you anyway. You just might not be aware of it. You have been a Kid too.

Cixi Red Bayberry Festival to be held

The press conference for a theatrical performance for the opening ceremony of Cixi Red Bayberry Festival was held in Cixi Platinum Hanjue Hotel on the afternoon of June 13. 
The press conference said that the opening ceremony was scheduled to be held in Cixi Stadium on June 20. Many celebrities such as Leon (Lai Ming), Nicholas Tse (Xie Tingfeng), Han Hong would show up on the gala. And ZJSTV would broadcast the whole process of the gala, through which citizens in Cixi could have a feast of culture via red bayberry. 
A series of activities including the ceremony for the opening of Minghe Ancient Town, the National Invitation Tournament for leisure and health-building exercises as well as the one-day-long countryside tourism and red bayberry picking activity will also be launched during the festival.   
It is learned the festival has gone through 23 years and has not only helped to increase the income of red bayberry growers, but also help to boost the economical development in Cixi. 

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