Qiu Dongyao: work together to win the battle against Typhoon In-Fa

Category: Governmental News
Published: Sunday, 25 July 2021 12:27
2021-07-25 09:46:40 | 


On July 24th, Mayor Qiu Dongyao of Ningbo called on all Ningbo citizens to join efforts for the victory against Typhoon In-Fa. The message from Mayor Qiu is as follows:

Work Together to Win the Battle against Typhoon In-Fa

QiuDongyao, Mayor of Ningbo

My fellow citizens,

According to meteorological forecasts, this year’s sixth typhoon“In-Fa”is approaching Zhejiang Province and is most likely to make landfall in the central and northern parts of Zhejiang’s coastline between Sunday afternoon and early Monday morning. The landfall of Typhoon In-Fa, which is expected to bring intense precipitation, will coincide with the astronomical tide. Our city will be hit by strong winds, heavy rains, and high tides.

The Ningbo Municipal Government prioritizes the safety of all citizens. We will resolutely implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on flood prevention and disaster relief and respond to the imminent storm in accordance with the decisions and deployment of the State Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters and Zhejiang Flood & Typhoon Control and Drought Relief Headquarters. At 9AM on Saturday, the Ningbo Flood & Typhoon Control and Drought Relief Headquarters announced a Level I emergency flood and typhoon response. Defending against Typhoon In-Fa is our current overriding priority. We are putting all efforts into improving forecast accuracy, evacuating at-risk communities, bolstering the defense of vulnerable areas, and coordinating disaster relief and emergency supplies. No efforts will be spared to ensure the safety of our people and property and to keep our city up and running.

Responding to Typhoon In-Fa is both our call to duty and due responsibility. We urge all civil servants and citizens to strengthen preparedness, remain vigilant of potential risks, stay updated on the latest meteorological reports, and take adequate precautions. Our goal is“no loss of life, minimum injury, and minimum loss of property”. Those in communities with high natural disaster risk must follow the evacuation instructions of local authorities. Before the typhoon warning signal is lifted, PLEASE keep yourself safe by remaining indoors and staying away from flood-prone areas, electric shock hazards, and falling objects. All enterprises must strictly implement safety protocols and prevent secondary accidents caused by the typhoon.

In the face of Typhoon In-Fa, all citizens need to stand together to weather the storm. Let us unite in solidarity, extend a helping hand to those around us, demonstrate our spirit of caring, and join forces to form the strongest bulwark against the ruthless typhoon.

We firmly believe that under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government and with the joint efforts of all citizens, we will erect a sturdy wall of defense against the oncoming storm and be fully prepared for rescue and relief. Ultimately, victory against Typhoon In-Fa will be ours!