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First outdoor marriage certificating base opens

With the breeze of the early summer and the fragrant roses, in May 29, the Lisheng Rose Manor of Beilun District, Ningbo's first outdoor marriage certification base, officially opened for use, started with the 2021 collective certification wedding ceremony of Beilun youth. Ningbo Civil Affairs Bureau, Beilun District Government and other organizers joined hands with social organizations and caring enterprises to create a new wedding ceremony for 18 couples on the very day.
The ceremony started at 9:30 a.m., when the couples wearing wedding dresses and formal dresses entered the ceremony hand in hand. The flower arch and balloon lawn set off the sweet smile of the couple. They took a collective oath under the solemn national emblem, made their promises, and took the marriage certificate from the leaders of Ningbo Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. At the scene, representatives of the new couples' close relatives and friends witnessed this happy moment together.
In order to make the wedding ceremony perfect, the organizers carefully arranged every link from the early start, including the preparatory launching, organization registration, wedding dress selection, personnel arrangement, site layout, and logistics support. At the scene, the blessing of the scene dance "getting married" to the new couple, the message of the couplet of family style and the wedding gift packages to the new couples, and the care of the new couple from the special activity of marriage and family counseling make the

new couples refreshing and feel special and warm.
As the pioneer of the city's marriage customs reform, Beilun District has explored the construction of marriage culture and the whole-cycle service of marriage and family.
Reportedly, Ningbo outdoor marriage certification base will plan a series of "wedding style" marriage registration and certification ceremony activities for new couples in richer forms and contents, and with innovative linkage mechanism and different themes, so as to further carry forward the excellent traditional Chinese marriage and family culture, spread civilization, inherit family education, impart family style and transmit positive energy

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