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Ningbo launches a new round of medical insurance system reform

Yesterday, Ningbo held a press conference on "Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Reform of the Medical Insurance System", and a series of new medical insurance policies will gradually be implemented.

The main person in charge of the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau said that as of the end of last year, the number of basic medical insurers in the city was 7.674 million, and the household registration rate reached 99.81%, which basically achieved the insurance coverage for all. On the basis of universal insurance, by 2022, Ningbo will unify the medical insurance policy system, fully implement the basic medical insurance city-level overall plan, and continue to deepen the pilot program of long-term care insurance. By 2025, Ningbo will basically establish a mature, stereotyped and sustainable multi-level medical insurance system, and initially form a modern medical insurance system that is integrated, intelligent, coordinated and efficient. By 2030, a comprehensive medical insurance system with basic medical insurance as the main body, critical illness insurance as supplement, medical assistance as the foundation, supplementary medical insurance, commercial health insurance, charitable donations, and mutual medical assistance will be established.

In the reform roadmap, Ningbo proposed the construction tasks of the "seven major systems", including establishing and improving the framework of a medical security system covering the whole people, a unified and fair medical security policy and treatment system, a precise and scientific medical security access payment system, a coordinated and efficient medical security service supply system, a convenient and high-quality medical security public service system, a legally-supervised medical security legal credit system, and a co-construction and co-governance medical security linkage management system. These systems will be established through the advancement of 25 key tasks one by one.

It is learned that in the new round of reform of the medical insurance system, our city takes the lead in the province. Before the end of this year, the medical insurance department will focus on promoting the standardization and clean-up of the policy differences among the coordination districts of our city, and fully implement the basic medical insurance city-level coordination with high standards and high quality

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