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The third Asia-Pacific PPP network meeting was held in Ningbo

On September 2nd, the third Asia-Pacific Infrastructure Financing and Government and Social Capital Cooperation (PPP) Network ("Asia Pacific PPP Network") conference kicked off in Ningbo. The conference was hosted by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific, the PPP Center of the Ministry of Finance and the Ningbo Municipal People's Government. There are more than 100 Chinese and foreign representatives from 18 Asia-Pacific PPP network members, two African countries, the UN Economic Commission for Europe, and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, international organizations and well-known forums such as the Asia-Pacific Business Forum and the Astana International Financial Center, as well as the private sector.

Participants held extensive and heated discussions around issues such as early project development, challenges facing countries, and private sector participation. Several national representatives presented nine early infrastructure projects covering transportation, energy, and water. During the meeting and special exchanges, representatives of participating countries exchanged ideas and social projects, financial institutions, and consulting agencies.

The representatives of the Ningbo Municipal Government and the Chinese enterprises shared the practice of implementing the concept of sustainable development from the government to the enterprises in China, especially in the typical case of garbage collection, transshipment and disposal, and introduced the application and effectiveness of innovative practice in which the government, enterprises and residents participate and the PPP model during this process; demonstrates the professionalism and strength of Chinese enterprises' participation in public service and infrastructure projects, as well as the effectiveness of local governments in promoting green development and smart city construction.

It is learned that Ningbo has comprehensively accelerated the construction of waste treatment facilities through the cooperation mode of PPP projects. The two projects of municipal solid waste incineration plant and kitchen waste treatment plant have been evaluated as the second batch of PPP demonstration projects by the Ministry of Finance, and have become the leading cities with complete classification facilities in the country. The city of facilities. Ningbo’s Kitchen Waste Treatment Plant Project supported by World Bank loan is the first PPP project in the country to use World Bank loan. Up to now, 42 of the 46 PPP projects in the project management warehouse of our city have completed social capital procurement, with a landing rate of 91.3%, 28.1% higher than that of the national total, and successfully introduced social capital investment of 80.13 billion yuan.  

On September 3, the delegates will also conduct on-site inspections of the Ningbo Donghai Garden Waste Classification Community, the online energy efficiency monitoring platform of Ningbo's large-scale public buildings and commercial building, the smart renewable resource recovery system and the Ningbo Solid Waste Disposal Center, to feel the benefits of Ningbo's green, smart and sustainable city

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