Ningbo specifies whole residential decoration standards

Category: Governmental News
Published: Wednesday, 10 July 2019 16:22

Ningbo is the first city in the province to implement a whole residential decoration policy. However, affected by many factors, delivery satisfaction is not so satisfactory.

The industry believes that the quality problems in the promotion of the whole decoration are mainly because the management system of the relevant participating construction units is not sound enough, and the implementation of on-site management responsibility is not enough; some real estate developers dismember the contract, start construction without approval, unreasonably compress the construction period, and drive down cost and lower design standards; quality control and problem prevention are not in place. The common complaints are wall leakage, floor problem, and operational errors of air conditioning, floor heating, and other facilities and equipment, as well as scratches, damage and other insufficient protection. At the same time, part of the project development and construction process lacks a quasi-owner dialogue mechanism, and the quasi-owners supervision and informed rights are not effectively guaranteed.

"The problem of whole decoration reminds us to reinforce the implementation of the main responsibility of our real estate and construction enterprises. The supervision of the competent authorities needs to be further strengthened. We must guarantee the quality of the main project and manage the whole decoration project. It is urgent to innovate the supervision mode and improve supervision ability." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau said.

In order to unify the design standards of the city's whole decoration, improve the design level, and standardize the design behavior, the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau recently released the “Technical Details of Ningbo Whole Residential Decoration and Design”, which will be implemented on the August 1st this year.

The key contents of the "Details" are the detailed scale and design of the interior decoration of the house, the control regulations for indoor environmental indicators, the specific standards for construction equipment and safety, and the relevant provisions for the full decoration design of the house