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CPPCC deputy: gov't budget needs more transparency

"In China, tax income should come from people and be used for people and public benefit, which means the government should increase its budget transparency and accept the supervision and inspection of the people," said Wang Jiufang, a Provincial CPPCC member.

Wang made a proposal titled "Recommendations on enhancing the transparency of financial management". He added, Zhejiang provincial government has made notable efforts in increasing its budget transparency in recent years and has achieved fruitful results. However, some local governments still need to be more democratic and scientific in their budget-making process. Their fund allocation program is not thoroughly open the public. Certain funds were spent without involvement of the public. An example was some duplicated construction projects, which were waste of money in the eye of public.

To further enhance the transparency of government financial management and improve the rationality and effectiveness of financial expenditure, Wang made the following proposals: First, a comprehensive supervision system should be established. Second, only certain agencies are entitled to the right of making budget. The use and supervision of government budget should be implemented by other departments in order to ensure transparency. In the mean time, the Treasury Concentrated Payment System shall be fully implemented. The dynamic supervison of budget use and comprehensive budget reform should be carried out. More efforts should be made to increase budget information transparency. All governments at all levels should disclose their budget information to help the general public have access to detailed and timely budget information.

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