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Social worker activities brisk in Ningbo

Recently, a creative display competition for "micro treatment" was held at the Nanmen Street of Haishu District. With the sitcoms, sketches and poem recitals composed and directed by the social workers from the 11 communities of the district, the competition was a vivid reflection of the daily work of the 101 social workers of the district. 
Currently, there are 6,497 social workers in Ningbo with the national social workers' professional certificate, resulting in an average of 8.1 professional social workers per 10,000 people. According to the statistics released at the recently held opening ceremony of the "publicity week for social work", there are also six state-level demonstration stations for social work services, four provincial training and practicing bases for social work professionals, six provincial social work supervision talents, and 30 municipal demonstration bases for social work, enabling Ningbo to rank high in the province in terms of its overall level of social work. 

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Publication Symposium of "The History of Ningbo Port" Held

Recently, "The History of Ningbo Port", part of Research Series of Port Museum of China, was officially published by Ningbo Press. It is an important academic achievement to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up. The other day, experts and scholars from Fudan University, Nanjing University, Ningbo University, the Ningbo branch of national underwater cultural heritage protection base and the Quanzhou maritime traffic history museum participated in the publication symposium.

The book collects and catalogues more than 500 ancient maps of the western people since the Renaissance, most of which are the ancient maps dating back to the sixteenth Century until the nineteenth Century. The collections reflect the evolutionary history of how western people developed geographic cognition to Ningbo after the beginning of the great geographical discovery. The author, Shuiyin, is a Ningbo cultural scholar and historian.

The experts who attended the symposium thought that the work focuses on the introduction of the geographical picture of Ningbo in a view of globalization, which is of innovative significance for its new research perspective, argument, material and data.

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Ningbo’s Total Trade Volume Exceeds 250 Billion Yuan in the First 4 Months

It is learned from the customs that the total volume of imports and exports in Ningbo has reached 252.95 billion yuan in the first four months of 2018, an increase of 11.4% compared with the same period in 2017. One point is, after three times of China-Central and Eastern European countries’ investment and trade fairs, Ningbo’s trade in Central and Eastern Europe increased significantly during the first four months of 2018, with the total amount exceeding 7 billion yuan.

According to the data from customs, in the first four months, the imports accounted for 93.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.5%, and exports reached 159.25 billion yuan, an increase of 10.3%, which realized a trade surplus of 65.55 billion yuan. In addtion, private enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises imported and exported 163.02 billion yuan

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2018 Ningbo Science and Technology Week starts

The opening ceremony of the 2018 Ningbo Science and Technology Week was held on the morning of May 20.

Jointly sponsored by the Publicity Department of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau and Ningbo Association for Science and Technology, the week activity will last from May 19 to 26. With the theme of "scientific innovation for a stronger city and better life", the event will organize about 40 activities, like the scientific and technological knowledge contest and the one-day trip for scientific innovation. At the opening ceremony, there are four exhibition blocks, respectively for the sci-tech innovative achievements, the achievements for military and civilian integration, and the technology-based life experience.

The exhibition block for the achievements for military and civilian integration features two "aircraft carrier formations" made of 12 model ships each. According to a person in charge from the Public Relations Department of Ningbo Science

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Invention patents boost industries

Word came from Yinzhou District Bureau of Science and Technology that Yinzhou District ranks No.1 on the 2017 list of Top 50 Counties (or Districts) for Intellectual Property Right released by the Patent Protection Association of China.

According to statistics, in 2017, the number of the patent application and that of the patent license of Yinzhou District reached 15205 and 9065 respectively, including 4558 invention patent applications and 1404 invention patent licenses. The district ranks No.1 in terms of the number of patent applications, and has ranked No.1 in terms of the authorized patents for eight consecutive years in Zhejiang Province.

Invention patents have become the secret for the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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