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Ningbo 2018 Environmental Quality Evaluation Report Issued

A day before June 5th, the World Environment Day, Ningbo Ecological Environmental Bureau issued the city’s 2018 Environmental Quality Evaluation Report. According to the report, the city’s environment is improving.

Water and air quality are the top concerns of the public. The report reveals that major water sources are in good quality and the surface water quality is also improving, with Category V water being eliminated. The PM 2.5 amount in downtown areas has, for the first time, reached the nation’s 2nd grade standard (35mcg/m³). Throughout the year, 320 days have recorded normal air quality while the other 45 days have witnessed pollution varied from light level to heavy level.

The conventional air pollutants have been curbed to the standards in all areas excluding Cixi, Yuyao, Jiangbei Districts, and the Dongqian Lake tourist area. The year 2018 witnessed the number of annual smog days reducing by 13 days from 2017 to 25 days, with a decrease rate of 3.6%.

Another concern among the public is the acid rain. In 2018, the rain acidity has been weakened and the rain appeared at an average rate of 58.1%, a year-on-year decrease of 6.5%. Compared with the previous year, the rain acidity in Beilun District and Ninghai County have bettered from middle level to light level.

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Ningbo recruitment team held 2 promotions in 16 cities

Since March 19, Ningbo officially launched the "I choose Ningbo to display talent" national recruitment tour. By the end of April, the recruitment team has talked with 6650 different talents. 2998 of them are interested in Ningbo, 15.6% higher than that in the same period of 2018. The success rate is as high as 45.1%.  Ningbo, an emerging city, is attracting more and more attention from different talents.


Recently, when the recruitment team went to Hengyang, Hunan Province, the president of Hunan Institute of Technology, Luo Jianhua took the initiative to promote the Ningbo platform. He shared his personal experience of visiting this beautiful coastal city in Ningbo. He said quite a few companies in Ningbo have high quality, strong professional relevance and large development space.  A department head of Xiangshan Enterprise Sunxing Casting Co., Ltd. shared his fast-growth experience of working at Sunstar after graduating from Hunan Institute of Technology to illustrate the better dreams in Ningbo. At the job fair on the same day, Ms. Dong, the director of Jintian Copper's school recruitment, received more than 60 resumes in the morning. Xitian Precision Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. recruited a number of job seekers on the spot.

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Ningbo to build globally first-class power grid

It is learned from the Power Grid Work Meeting held on May 6 that Ningbo will continue to promote the construction of the globally advanced power grid, which is comparable to those of such metropolitan cities as Tokyo and Paris, in 2019, striving to complete an investment of 6.14 billion yuan.


The power grid in Ningbo has stepped onto the express track for high-quality development. In 2018, the investment on the fixed assets of the power grid reached 7.54 billion yuan, hitting a historical high, accounting for 25.1% of the five-year investment agreement signed by Ningbo and the State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co. Ltd. It is predicted that in 2019, the maximum load of Ningbo Power Grid will reach 14 million kw, up by 9.5% over last year, taking on a new look of "tight balance".




According to a person in charge from Ningbo Power Supply, with the promotion of the "246" industrial clusters and the three=year action plan, Ningbo will continue to have a rapidly increasing power demand and become the largest power

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Ningbo signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai

On the afternoon of May 17, Ningbo signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai to deepen strategic cooperation in six areas: advanced manufacturing, port and shipping logistics, digital Ningbo construction, cultural tourism, scientific and technological personnel training, and “return of Zhejiang entrepreneurs” project.


According to the agreement, Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai will give full play to its advantages and speed up the construction of an information bridge between Zhejiang businesses in Shanghai and Ningbo, and actively promote the return of Zhejiang merchants to Ningbo.

The Chamber of Commerce will take the initiative to dock Ningbo's strategic development needs, focus on the construction of Ningbo's "246" tens of billions of industrial clusters, and do a good job of the "double employment and double introductions" of the industrial chain and the innovation chain, and promote the high-quality development of Ningbo's economy and society. Ningbo City will adhere to the

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Ningbo actively involved in Zhejiang’s “One Belt, One Road” hub action plan

Guided by the “Belt and Road”, we will continue to improve the opening level. Recently, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission released the 2019 Zhejiang Province “One Belt, One Road” hub action plan to create ten landmark projects. The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission said that Ningbo will be the vanguard of the “Belt and Road” construction in our province, and nearly half of the projects are related to Ningbo.


In promoting the construction of Ningbo Zhoushan International Hub Port, the province will strengthen the function of Ningbo Zhoushan Port as an International Hub and co-ordinate the construction of a batch of container berths of over 100,000 tons and above, oil products and iron ore berths of 300,000 tons or above. Besides, Zhejiang will create two international shipping service clusters in East Ningbo New City and Zhoushan New City. In terms of large projects, it will promote the construction of container terminals No. 6 to 10 in Meishan Port Area. 

While promoting the construction of Ningbo “Belt and Road” comprehensive experimental zone, Ningbo Zhoushan Port will take the lead, vigorously promoting the integration of seaports, land ports, airports and information ports, and

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