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The city has created a new pattern of traffic control

Recently, drivers who often travel from the downtown to Zhenhai all found that at the intersection of Zhongguan road, Dongchang Road and 329 National Road where they used to wait for four or five times for traffic lights, it is now much smoother and the driving speed has increased greatly. This is due to the key remediation actions carried out by the city in 2019.

In the recent “Ningbo City Traffic Congestion and Public Transport City Construction and Road Civilization Improvement 2019 Implementation Plan” (hereinafter referred to as “Implementation Plan”), improving the congestion management in the whole city and creating a new pattern of traffic control in the whole city has also become one of the key tasks of traffic congestion control in 2019.

In recent years, the city's governance on traffic congestion has been extended from the central city to the surrounding area, and urban traffic control has expanded to urban and rural traffic control. "In 2019, the city should further promote the "four-in-one" type of traffic control which realizes the integration of urban and rural areas, and create an equal, harmonious and integrated traffic environment. The person in charge said.

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Subsidies for outstanding blue collars

On July 3, it was learned from the Ningbo Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau that the city recently released the catalog of high-skilled talents subsidies for occupations in short supply (types of work) in the city-level co-ordination area in 2019 and announced that the application started simultaneously. A group of outstanding blue-collar workers will receive the subsidy soon.

The relevant person in charge of the Ningbo Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau informed that in order to guide, motivate and train a group of outstanding high-skilled talents to take root in the industry, since 2013, Ningbo has launched a job subsidy policy for occupations in short supply (work types). In recent years, with the help of a series of “combined punches”, the total number of skilled and high-skilled talents in the city has increased significantly. As of the first quarter of 2019, the total number of skilled talents in the city reached 1.538 million. Skilled talents are 437,000, accounting for 28.4% of the total number of skilled personnel.

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Government Officials Meet With Visiting Overseas Students

On the afternoon of June 25, Ningbo government officials met with a delegation of foreign students from U.S. Southwestern Chinese Students and Scholars Association (SWCSSA) who are on a visit to Ningbo.

The delegation is composed of more than 30 students from prestigious universities and colleges in southwestern America. During their stay, they will visit some well-known Ningbo companies, experience smart manufacturing in Ningbo, have dialogues with outstanding overseas returnees, listen to entrepreneurship stories and have a better idea of Ningbo and its policy support for talents

Ningbo specifies whole residential decoration standards

Ningbo is the first city in the province to implement a whole residential decoration policy. However, affected by many factors, delivery satisfaction is not so satisfactory.

The industry believes that the quality problems in the promotion of the whole decoration are mainly because the management system of the relevant participating construction units is not sound enough, and the implementation of on-site management responsibility is not enough; some real estate developers dismember the contract, start construction without approval, unreasonably compress the construction period, and drive down cost and lower design standards; quality control and problem prevention are not in place. The common complaints are wall leakage, floor problem, and operational errors of air conditioning, floor heating, and other facilities and equipment, as well as scratches, damage and other insufficient protection. At the same time, part of the project development and construction process lacks a quasi-owner dialogue mechanism, and the quasi-owners supervision and informed rights are not effectively guaranteed.

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Ningbo finalizes roadmap to become a city of software

The details of the efforts to build Ningbo into a city known for software with its characteristics have been released recently, including some of the following. Companies that win the titles of top 100 software companies, top 100 Internet companies and unicorn software companies will be rewarded 2 million yuan. Programs funded by national subsides will be given another fund of no more than 50% of the amount of the national subsidies and the fund for each program will not exceed 1 million yuan. These details serve further clarity the roadmap for the development of software and IT-based service sectors. According to the plan, Ningbo will, by means of policy support, make more efforts to support and attract investment to Ningbo software industrial park and encourage businesses to prosper and innovate.

 “To speed up software and IT services and our bid to turn Ningbo into a city known for its software capacity are the concrete actions to implement the notion of ‘letting industries taking the lead’, but are also the urgent and inherent needs to promote our industrial clusters.” said  Ningbo Economic and Information Bureau. The software and IT-based services in Ningbo have reached a satisfying scale after years of growth.

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