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First overseas "Notarization E-PASS" of Ningbo launched in Melbourne

"It's really convenient. You can do notarization without returning back home, which saves both time and worry." said a Ms. Zhu on November 12, after completing a notarization procedure in Australia, as the overseas version of "Notarization E-PASS" was officially launched and landed in Melbourne, Australia.
Ms. Zhu is from Ningbo and is currently working and living in Melbourne, Australia. In order to facilitate her local travel, she plans to apply for notarization of her driver's license. "It's somewhat troublesome to entrust relatives and friends to handle it, and it's unrealistic to return home at this stage". As she was worried, an acquaintance of Ningbo Association in Australia told her that the "Notarization E-PASS" providing online notarization services would soon be implemented locally, which could solve her urgent need. Ms. Zhu then came to the association for the first time. Under the guidance of the assistant, she completed her self-help bid on the "Notarization E-PASS" all-in-one machine. The notary of Ningbo Yongxin Notary Agency received Ms. Zhu's application materials in the background, confirmed relevant matters and completed material review with her through the video connection of the machine, and it is expected to send the electronic notarial certificate to Ms. Zhu within three working days.
Reportedly, with the novel coronavirus pneumonia affecting the flow of personnel, the demand for overseas notarization is increasing. In July this year, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Justice and the United Front Work Department of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee started to deploy the launch of the "Notarization E-PASS" project overseas. In November, it successfully landed in Melbourne, Australia. With the Ningbo Association of Australia as the service spot, the system provides efficient and convenient online notarization services for overseas Chinese in Australia. Overseas Chinese do not need to return back to China, which greatly saves time and money costs and avoids the risk of epidemic infection. Xu Bocong, Chairman of Ningbo Association of Australia, said that the landing of the "Notarization E-PASS" in Australia has actively responded to the needs of overseas Chinese for fast and convenient notarization services, and made overseas Chinese feel the superiority and pride brought by the strength of the

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Singapore Zhejiang Entrepreneurs (Ningbo) Digital Industrial Park established

On November 7, the Singapore Zhejiang Entrepreneur Association joined hands with dozens of affiliated organizations in the nine ASEAN countries to simultaneously hold the Zhejiang Entrepreneur Singapore Conference in Singapore and Ningbo both online and offline. At the Ningbo conference, the Singapore Zhejiang Entrepreneur (Ningbo) Digital Industrial Park was established, and 6 companies officially announced their entry, opening a new chapter in the digital technology cooperation between the two places.

 It is learned that this park is a joint venture between Ningbo Ningxing International Trade Investment Co., Ltd. and Singapore Holicheng Co., Ltd. The first batch of companies to settle in are from Beijing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hangzhou and other cities, and the business scope covers new energy, integrated circuits, etc.

What role will this digital industrial park jointly built by Chinese and Singaporean companies play? Li Guosheng, chairman of the General Association of Singapore Zhejiang Entrepreneurs and a native of Ningbo Yuyao, told that the park will attract more digital technology companies with leading technologies and promising capital from around the world to help them connect with venture capital institutions, find talents, and expand the market. At present, 260 domestic enterprises and 50 Singaporean enterprises have been listed in the investment database of the park.

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Large-scale job fair held in Ningbo

On the morning of October 28, the 2021 large-scale job fair, with the theme of  “Ningbo is my choice”, was held at Ningbo Human Resources Building. Over 170 enterprises and institutions attended the job fair, with over 850 posts, attracting over 1,250 talents to the spot. In addition to the services to local enterprises in Ningbo, a special recruitment block for enterprises from Wanzhou District of Chongqing was set up on site.

At the job fair, the posts launched by the participating institutions and well-known enterprises attracted students from various colleges and universities. Ningbo Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute, Ningbo Meishan Island International Container Terminal Co., Ltd., Ningbo Rail Transit Group, Ningbo University of Technology, Jintian group, Riyue Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. and other well-known institutions or enterprises brought with them such job posts as Web front-end development engineer, Java software development engineer, electrical engineer, e-commerce operator, comprehensive secretary, copy-writing planner, accountant and fashion designer, with the average monthly salary of the posts exceeding 6000 yuan.

Qunchuang Optoelectronics received over 20 resumes at the job fair. “Most of the applicants are high-level talents from Ningbo University and other schools. At present, corresponding technical posts have been arranged for them and we are looking forward to the next docking interview,” said the recruitment director of Qunchuang

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CEEC standard technical service platform goes online

According to news from Ningbo Institute of Standardization (Ningbo Central and Eastern European Standardization Research Center), the country’s only Central and Eastern European standard technical service platform is officially launched. The platform has 899,445 standard bibliographies of Central and Eastern European countries, covering all Central and Eastern European countries.

The Central and Eastern European Standard Technical Service Platform is an important part of the work of the Central and Eastern European Standards Research Center. Users can query the standard bibliographic information of the Central and Eastern European countries and the full text of the standard content of the collection through the platform.

The Central and Eastern European Standard Technical Service Platform Portal website is the main way for the Central and Eastern European Standard Technical Service Platform to display to the outside world, using the standardized public service platform domain name ( second-level domain name.

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Ningbo’s GDP of first three quarters exceeds one trillion yuan

On October 26, Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Statistics and the Ningbo Investigation Team of National Statistics Bureau released the city’s economic report for the first three quarters of this year. According to the preliminary accounting, Ningbo achieved a regional GDP of 1.03329 trillion yuan in the first three quarters, exceeding the trillion-yuan mark for the first time; The economic increase reached 157.1 billion yuan, exceeding that of the previous years.

Reportedly, despite the complex and severe domestic and international environment, since this year, the economic development of Ningbo has taken on a trend of steady growth and steady progress, with the production demand rebounding effectively, the emerging kinetic energy continuously enhancing, and the guarantee of people’s livelihood being solid and powerful. Calculated at the comparable prices, Ningbo’s GDP increased by 10.0% year-on-year in the first three quarters, 5.9% on average over the past two years. Both are higher than those of the whole country.

In terms of industries, the added value of the primary industry was 24.12 billion yuan, up by 3.4%, with an average growth of 2.7% over the past two years; the added value of the secondary industry was 488.68 billion yuan, up by 12.8%, with an average growth of 6.5% over the past two years; and the added value of the tertiary industry was 520.49 billion yuan, up by 8.0%, with an average growth of 5.5% over the past two years. The ratio of the three industries is 2.3:47.3:50.4, and the contribution rates of the three industries to GDP growth are 0.9%, 57.5% and 41.6% respectively.

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