Yinzhou: Promote Regional High-quality Development with "Precision, Uniqueness and Highlight"

Category: Ningbo District
Published: Tuesday, 31 August 2021 14:09

Chengyang Village on the bank of Dongqian Lake mobilized villagers to transform the International Art Village by themselves, attracting more than 75,000 tourists since the beginning of the year; the characteristic block of "The Origin of Sea Silk, Ten Miles of Jiangfeng" and the "Yinzhou Night" brand night market detonated the "night economy" ; Tangxi Town "Jinshan Red Tradition" Research Base, Xianxiang Town Aviation Flight Camp, Zhanqi Town Sunflower Flower Sea, etc. have become new Internet celebrities; Ningbo Hankyu, Happy Coast Sports Park and other highlight projects are open for business, Citizens are racing to check in...

Since the beginning of this year, Yinzhou has taken the creation of " Precision, Uniqueness and Highlight " as a key tool to promote high-quality regional development and build a benchmark area for common prosperity. It will advance together with the integrated development of future small cities, global governance of industrial land, transformation of urban villages, and comprehensive ecological governance. The comprehensive realization of spatial reorganization, ecological restoration, functional restructuring, industrial relocation, and governance restructuring. The project investment intensity and the length of fine lines are among the best in the city.

It is taken as necessary to stand at a higher position and apply "precision, uniqueness and highlight" to enhance the quality of cultural and

economic construction. In conjunction with the new round of land and space planning adjustments, the district has created "Jingteliang" throughout Yinzhou, promoting the integrated development of urban and rural areas, a wealth of prosperity, and beauty, and strive to promote Yinzhou's "formation in one year, success in two years, and success in three years." . On the basis of the two municipal routes focusing on the creation of lakes and mountains "green water and green mountains" practice line and Taibailanwan "mountain and sea revitalization" line, Yinzhou District plans to create 8 district-level boutique routes including the fashionable riverside leisure line. The total planned investment of 244 projects on these 10 lines is 89.63 billion yuan, and the accumulated investment is currently about 25.5 billion yuan. At the same time, it plans to build a "699" characteristic block in the whole district, and promote the construction of 24 characteristic blocks in cascade. The district also integrates annual provincial, municipal, and district key projects, and plans to launch one hundred district-level annual "highlight projects". The current plan has been preliminarily clarified.

They also manage to improve the whole line, and promote new results with new ideas. Yinzhou insists on opening doors to create high-quality goods, cultivating high-quality scenery with high-quality industries, realizing the virtuous cycle development of "using scenery to nurture production and production to nurture scenery", and turn the "landscape line" into a "development line" and "rich line". The district has joined hands with the team of Professor Cong Zhiqiang of the Art College of Renmin University of China and other top domestic forces to strengthen the overall plan for the whole line, and hold the "Yiqi Online" boutique line builder training camp to improve the quality and connotation of the boutique line. In the special class of the district's fine line work, an industrial investment promotion group has been specially set up to provide a mechanism for the investment promotion and project implementation of major industries of each high-quality line, and promote the introduction and implementation of a number of projects.

They committed to building and sharing together, changing "the masses' view" to "working together". Yinzhou District has increased its promotion and publicity efforts, released the "window" potential of high-quality routes, and attracted all parties in the society to actively participate in the construction. All towns in the district have co-located offices with the platform state-owned enterprises, and the town-enterprise cooperation has officially started and operated. For example, the cooperation between Hengxi Town and Yintong Group, and the cooperation between Dongwu Town and Tangxi Town and Yincheng Group have effectively promoted the project. Plan to land. The district also mobilized the masses to participate in the creation, set up "scan code reviews" at important nodes along the line, to attract the masses to participate in WeChat scan code check-in, comment on scenic spots, and put forward opinions and suggestions