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Ninghai "Stone Village": a potential destination for leisure and holiday

Picking cherries, visiting ancient villages, watching performances...Three days before the "May 1st" holiday, there were rich and various cultural and tourism activities in Xumin Village, Ninghai Chayuan Township, attracting waves of citizens and tourists. Ms. Xie from Shanghai came here for the first time on holiday. She said: “Bringing children here to appreciate the rural scenery and experience the fun of farming is very rewarding.”

The cherry picking base of Tingyu Mountain Villa is holding a cherry picking festival. Many tourists from Ningbo are busy in the orchard. Zhang Yu, the person in charge of the villa, said that the event was very popular and attracted more than 1,000 tourists on the first day. "This year, the cherry planting area has increased to 160 mu, and the annual turnover is expected to reach 200,000 yuan." Zhang Yu said.

Xumin Village is currently the largest and best-preserved "stone village" in Ningbo. In recent years, the village have been building itself into a scenic village, and through artistic empowerment by introducing cultural tourism formats such as high-end homestays, dining, fruit picking, and characteristic folklore experience halls, it is striving to create characteristic ecological tourism and leisure areas and the first choice for urban people to relax and vacation.  

"There are many old houses in the village. Over the years, we have followed the concept of repairing the old as the old. We have repaired the old houses on the tour route and rented them to professional companies for operation. This has not only increased the collective income of the village, but also enriched the tourism industry." Xu Min, the village party branch secretary Dai Shenyi said that since last year, the village has introduced three major operators and completed the renovation of seven old buildings. The water bars, bars, restaurants and other leisure places with stone village characteristics have gradually become new check-in places for tourists. Among them, the "Niulanfang" bar located at the entrance of the village has received nearly 4 million views on the Douyin Ningbo Leisure and Entertainment Popularity List since it opened in September last year.  

"In the future, Xumin Village will continue to promote infrastructure construction and enrich the cultural tourism business. It will build a  tourist center, Xiao’an New Village boutique hotel, Hanfu tie-dye experience hall and other projects to make the village more prosperous and popular." Dai Shenyi Say

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