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Calligraphy and painting dialogue exhibition held in Ningbo Art Museum

On the morning of April 30th, " Wang Ke Calligraphy Exhibition and  Zhou Yan Chinese Painting Exhibition" was held at Ningbo Art Museum. The exhibition is co-sponsored by Shanghai Calligraphers Association, Zhejiang Artists Association, and Ningbo Art Museum. 

At the beginning of the design of Ningbo Art Museum, Mr. Wang Shu deliberately retained the towers and trestle bridges to preserve the memory of history, and hoped that Ningbo Art Museum could continue to introduce new ideas. The Ningbo Art Museum plans the "Bold and Graceful" Dialogue Exhibition this time, focusing on the relationship between calligraphy and painting. The two artists, Wang Ke and Zhou Yan, are both young artists with great potential. Wang Ke studied at the China Academy of Fine Arts and the Central Academy of Fine Arts successively, focusing on calligraphy. Zhou Yan also studied at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, specializing in landscape painting. This time she exhibited more than 80 sketches. She has spent more than 10 years collecting works in Zhejiang.

This dialogue-style exhibition fully demonstrates the respective styles and characteristics of the two artists. Since ancient times, calligraphy and painting have the same origin and influence each other. The audience can get a different artistic experience by appreciating the works of the two artists. Ming-style furniture and Ru kiln porcelain were also exhibited at the exhibition site. There was also Guqin and flute performance at the opening ceremony.

These cultural elements are cleverly integrated with calligraphy and painting to create a poetic space with traditional aesthetics. The organizer hopes to promote the integration of poetry and picturesque into the daily life of ordinary people and meet people needs’ for high-quality life.

The exhibition will last until May 16

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