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16th Dalan Tea Culture Tourism Festival opens

On March 28, the opening ceremony of the 16th "Magic Dalan" Tea Culture Tourism Festival was held at the source area of the Yaojiang River, jointly sponsored by the Management Committee of Siming Mountain Tourist Resort, Yuyao Agricultural and Rural Affairs Bureau, and Yuyao Culture, Radio and Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau.
It is reported that the tea culture tourism festival, with the theme of "tasting tea, enjoying flowers and sharing ideas", will end on May 28. This year's festival focuses

on tea branding by organically combining tourism with tea culture and red culture. The rich online and offline activities further enhance the reputation and brand advantage of the "hometown of cloud and mist tea in high mountains" in Dalan Town, showing the vitality of rural development, and celebrating the 100th  anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.
At the opening ceremony, the picking starting ceremony of the spring tea, the release ceremony of "having a cup of Siming tea" and the appointment ceremony of Dalan Tea Culture Ambassador were held. The long-standing tea culture of Dalan Town was displayed through dance, micro classes for party members, chorus, dialogue and other lively ways.
Reportedly, Dalan Town will also successively carry out seven other activities, including the 11th Yuyao Pubu Xianming Tea Competition, the cherry blossom tour of the 6th Mountaineering Conference of Dalan Town of Yuyao County, the Wenshan Fair, the large-scale fashion show in Han-style clothes, the garden afternoon tea, the 6th Lanshan Tea Party, and the tea-fragrance meeting of the Lanshan Mountain

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