248 urban inland rivers to become clear in 2 years

Category: Ningbo District
Published: Monday, 15 April 2019 14:42


Yinxi River, a tributary of Yaojiang River, has become a beautiful river in the city after treatment. (Photo by Feng Xuan)

Do you know that Ningbo also has a "Red Flag Canal"(A famous canal built in the mountain in Henan Province)? In Changzhao Village, Fenghua, there is such a “Red Flag Canal” that passes through the village and is crystal clear. Changzhao Village is located between the two major water sources, and the downstream is the Hengshan Reservoir, the source of drinking water in Ningbo. After the treatment in recent years, the scene of the villagers washing rice is no longer visible on both sides of the "Red Flag Canal", .


The crystal clear "Red Flag Canal" is a strong evidence to Ningbo's efforts to speed up water pollution control. The water quality compliance rate of drinking water sources at the county level and above has remained 100% for many years, and the annual ranking of the surface water environment in the province has risen to the fifth place. But it is not enough. Before the end of 2019, the water quality of urban inland rivers (including central urban areas, county-based areas) should reach fifth category or above fifth category, and 248 urban inland rivers  should strive to achieve "bottom clear" within two years.

What is the standard of "bottom clear"? "From a professional point of view, the river's visibility will be more than 80 cm, and the water quality should reach fifth category or above fifth category." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Water Control Office introduced, by the end of 2019, 248 urban inland rivers in the city, one-third of all inland rivers should achieve“bottom clear”. The water quality of the county-controlled area should be continuously improved, and the compliance rate of the city controlled area should be increased by 90%.

How to achieve the goal of "bottom clear "? “The construction of zero direct discharge of sewage area is the focus.” The person in charge said that in 2019, Ningbo will complete 40 township (street) zero direct discharge of sewage areas with the focus on the central city, Yaojiang River basin and the coastal area of Xiangshan Port. Before the end of the year,  Hangzhou Bay New Zone, National High-tech Zone, the airport and the airport logistics park will basically achieve zero direct discharge of sewage.

River dredging is the key. According to the requirements, the number of urban and rural inland rivers to be dredged is not less than 25, and the rivers with water quality improvement tasks must be dredged according to regulations. In view of the shortage of water in some rivers, the city will also use the water from the sewage treatment plant to recharge the river. The city will also accelerate the construction of sewage treatment plants, especially the location of the sewage treatment plant in Jiangbei area will be finally settled in 2019, and temporary terminals will be built during the construction period to ensure effective collection of regional sewage.

It is reported that in 2019, Ningbo will also achieve full coverage of online monitoring of direct discharge of sea pollution sources. For aquaculture, demarcation zones and restricted zones are designated, space control is implemented, and demonstration zones and demonstration sites (61) for breeding tailwater treatment are established to fully promote seawater ecological aquaculture. All the urban rivers and 117 agricultural water sources section control unit area are constructed with nitrogen and phosphorus intercepting ditch