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2019 "Ningbo Mountain Marathon" opens on March 31

On the morning of March 15, the press conference of the 2019 Ningbo International Mountain Marathon was held in Sunhu Villa, Jiangbei District. The event will start on the morning of March 31. 6,000 runners from home and abroad will participate in the whole, half and mini marathon. Different from previous years, the biggest highlight of this year’s event is its digital feature.

It is learned that Ningbo Mountain Marathon is the only standard distance mountain marathon sponsored by the China Athletics Association and the largest mountain marathon in China. In 2018, Ningbo Mountain Marathon became the first marathon event in Zhejiang Province to join the “Healthy China” series, and was awarded “Bronze Event” and “Natural Ecology”. Since its birth, Ningbo Mountain Marathon has been highly praised for its beautiful scenery, rich supply and good organization, and has been selected as a model for mountain events organization.

As a Chinese characteristic event, Zhejiang boutique event, Ningbo brand event, Ningbo Mountain Marathon will set up an English service station in 2019. The visual design and instruction system will be in both Chinese and English, designed for overseas players. The event will also explore the combination of “digital economy” and the events, integrate “Internet +” and big data technology into the operation of the event, and use online and offline technologies, event management platforms, and live Internet broadcasts to promote the digitalization of the event. It will also combine big data collection, statistics and analysis to provide more personalized services, improve the service of the event and optimize the runner experience.

With the improvement of its quality and the expansion of its scale, the organizing committee has consistently innovated its medical service by distributing the medical resources throughout the competition area. The medical resource allocation per kilometer is precisely managed through the back-end system. Each rescue team has conducted several field drills, and the ambulances involved in the rescue will also perform point-to-point delivery simulations between the line and the support hospital. In addition, in combination with the characteristics of mountain-based events, the organizers prepare a stretcher team and a mobile rescue post to ensure full coverage of the rescue

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