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First Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition in Haishu District

On May 16th, the first painting and calligraphy exhibition was held at the Ningbo Arts Museum in Haishu district. A total of 140 pieces of painting and calligraphy representing the top art level in Haishu district were displayed. The exhibition is a galaxy of outstanding works of Chinese painting, oil painting, watercolor painting, powder painting and various styles of calligraphy, providing the audience with a high-standard calligraphy and painting feast.

As an exhibition to commemorate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, it is the first large art exhibition after district reorganization, which enjoys most extensive participation and the highest art quality. It shows the fruitful achievements of the calligraphy and painting creators in the last 5 years. According to Yan Yunquan, the secretary general and vice president of Haishu Painting and Calligraphy Association, it took almost a year to prepare the exhibition with more than 600 high quality entries to evaluate. After rigorous assessment, 10 outstanding works were awarded and 110 entries

were displayed. In addition, he received invited works of calligraphy and painting masters such as Zhou Lvzhi, Chen Qiyuan, Shen Yuanfa, He Yeqi and other Ningbo artists.

Chen Jiandong, the party secretary and vice chairman of the Haishu Federation of Literary Federation, said that the exhibition was welcomed with enthusiastic and the works were of high quality. Most of the works on display were selected from or won prizes at the national and provincial exhibitions. "It is an exhibition that reflects the cultural strength of Haishu District, and it is also the achievement of universal art popularization project." Chen Jiandong said that they were ready to choose a number of refined works that were not on show and send them to streets, towns, communities and schools for display.

The exhibition will be hosted by the Haishu district government and held by the Propaganda Department of the Haishu District Committee and the district Federation of Arts and Culture, open to public until May 27th


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