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Xiangshan Fishermen’s Secret to Keeping Seafood Fresh

The long-standing belief in the aquatic consumption that frozen fish and shrimps are inferior to the fresh ones is challenged. In 2018, some fishermen and processing enterprises in Xiangshan introduced ultra-low temperature preservation technology, allowing frozen fish and shrimps to retain their delicious taste, making them the new market favorites.

There are more than 10 freezers in the warehouse of Jianye shipyard on Gaotang island in Xiangshan, in which frozen Pomfret, hairtail and other fishes are preserved. The owner of the shipyard said that these cryogenic refrigerators were purchased by the local fishermen, each of which was 10 thousand yuan. They are used to keep aquatic products at minus 60 degrees centigrade so as to maintain the fresh taste."

What is the magic of cryopreservation? The owner took out a 400-gram Pomfret that has been frozen for nearly a month. The fish scales were well preserved and the fish eyes were bulging and bright. In less than an hour after unfreezing it into the

water, the fish became soft with gills still red and blood flowing. When the fish was cooked, diners all praised: "it is as delicious as a fresh fish. Cryopreservation really works!" 

The temperature of common freezers is about 20 degrees below zero. As time passes by, aquatic products are dehydrated, losing freshness and their original colors. In the peak season of fresh seafood, frozen products are not welcomed. Even in the fishing-off season, the frozen products, due to poor taste, are often unacceptable to consumers. Zheng Chaopeng said that after using the cryopreservation technology, the frozen products ushered in a new consumption era and are much sought after.

It is reported that in 2018 March and April, a big frozen Pomfret sells for less than 200 yuan per kilogram. But through cryopreservation, its price will be doubled during the fishing moratorium, and four times higher than that of common frozen Pomfret sold on the market. Gu Qianbo laughed and said that he bought 4 refrigerators. It is roughly estimated that he profited about 10 thousand yuan for frozen products in each refrigerator, "I get back my money on equipment in less than a year."

Leaders in Xiangshan County Marine Fisheries Department said that the new technology has greatly improved the quality and added value of frozen seafood. Not only does it make sufficient seafood available on fishing off season market, but also help the fishermen to increase their income


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