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Haishu industry advances to the Future

As a representative of Haishu’s high-level innovation platform, Ningbo Industrial Internet Research Institute has introduced or cultivated more than 320 professionals in the fields of industrial Internet and artificial intelligence, incubated 12 companies, introduced more than 400 million foreign funds. And 7 projects won bid for major national-level projects. These innovative talents and enterprises are the source of power for Haishu to build a future industry leading area and build a future-oriented industrial system during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

The wave of digital reform is surging, and more and more Haishu enterprises have taken the shuttle bus to the future. Last year, the manufacturing industry, the core industry of the digital economy, achieved an added value of 1.82 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.7%. A new provincial-level digital workshop/smart factory was added in the district, two enterprises were rated as provincial-level manufacturing and Internet integration development pilot demonstration enterprises, and six enterprises were included in the city's "5G+Industrial Internet" pilot project plan.

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16th Dalan Tea Culture Tourism Festival opens

On March 28, the opening ceremony of the 16th "Magic Dalan" Tea Culture Tourism Festival was held at the source area of the Yaojiang River, jointly sponsored by the Management Committee of Siming Mountain Tourist Resort, Yuyao Agricultural and Rural Affairs Bureau, and Yuyao Culture, Radio and Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau.
It is reported that the tea culture tourism festival, with the theme of "tasting tea, enjoying flowers and sharing ideas", will end on May 28. This year's festival focuses

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Shimen Village of Ninghai holds "Fence Creative Design Competition”

"Hello everyone, I'm Pan Shengli of the 'Guo Pan Qingshen Group' from Shimen Village, and we're going to use moso bamboo and gravel to create one of the most beautiful welcoming roads in Shimen Village,” Pan Jiacheng held a thin bamboo strip in his hand, pointed to the hand-drawn design on the big screen and gave an introduction. In the afternoon of April 3, in Shimen Village, Dajiahe Town, Ninghai County, a rural "Fence Creative Design competition" was held, and 10 groups of farmer-artist representatives presented their work and creative ideas to the villagers.

The purpose of the "Art in the Village"

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International Red Peony Home of Jiulong Lake opens

The opening ceremony of the International Red Peony Home was held at the beautiful Jiulong Lake scenic area on the morning of March 27. More than 80 international friends from more than 50 countries such as Malaysia, Poland and Italy witnessed this special occasion.
The International Red Peony Society of Painting and Calligraphy is a non-profit cultural communication organization for international friends to learn about the traditional Chinese culture, including Chinese painting and calligraphy. Since 2012, over 12,000 foreign friends from over 170 countries have learned painting red

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