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The 7th Provincial Ice and Snow Sports Carnival to be held at Shanglianggang Ski Resort

On the morning of February 4, the 7th Zhejiang Ice and Snow Sports Carnival, sponsored by the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Bureau and the Zhejiang Provincial Sports Federation and hosted by the Sports Forum, will be opened at the Shanglianggang Ski Resort in Fenghua District, Ningbo.

Zhejiang Ice and Snow Sports Carnival is an IP event with ice and snow as its theme. It has been seven years since the first carnival in 2016. This year's carnival has many highlights including snow frisbee, snow football, and racing experience. The carnival will continue to launch special events according to different people and regions, and integrate the concept of "ice and snow+" to carry out more activities according to the situation. During the carnival, the organizer will also hold the Zhejiang Ice and Snow Sports and Culture Forum to focus on the innovation and integration of the ice and snow sports industry.

The opening station held in Fenghua Shanglianggang coincides with the Lantern Festival. In addition to setting up wonderful game interactions and competitions, you can also enjoy lanterns, guess lantern riddles and eat  Yuanxiao(special food for Lantern Festival).

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"City Freezers" Stepped Up Construction

The construction of "City Freezers" has been accelerated, the coverage of the "digital smart vegetable basket" project has been expanded, the construction of the largest industrial shrimp breeding base in China has been steady, and the Internet red vegetable market complex has accelerated its replication - in 2023, around a large number of "hardcore" major projects, Ningbo businessmen will continue to run and serve more "vegetable basket" services for Yongcheng residents.

City Freezer" press the fast forward button

Ningbo is an important port for the import and export of fresh agricultural products in China, with a large scale of cold inventory infrastructure and a high level of marketization of cold chain logistics. At present, the "urban freezer" under construction - Ningbo Beilun

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Cixi: Investment Promotion Enjoys a Good Start to Help High-quality Development

Yesterday, the Administrative Committee of Cixi Intelligent Home Appliance High-tech Industrial Park and Zhejiang Venture Capital Co., Ltd. signed a framework cooperation agreement on the Cixi Specialized and Special New Industry Linkage Fund, which will build a "Cixi Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Venture Capital Specialized and Special New Industrial Park (Base)" with a planning plan of no less than 500 mu and a total investment of more than 3 billion yuan.

In the next five years, the industrial park (base) will focus on emerging industries such as new energy, new materials, intelligent manufacturing, life and health and electronic information, and through the "fund + base + investment" model, it will become a well-known domestic specialized and special new demonstration base, a demonstration area for the transformation of production, education and research achievements and a landmark new innovative industrial platform in the Yangtze River Delta region. The park strives to achieve a total output value of 10 billion yuan, achieve tax revenue of 250 million yuan, and list more than 10 enterprises.

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