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Cixi Maidong and Yuyao Waxberry registered and protected by geographical indications

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently issued Announcement No. 185, granting a certificate of registration to a batch of agricultural products such as Cixi Maidong(ophiopogon japonicus, a herbal medicine)and Yuyao Waxberry, implementing the registration and protection of national agricultural products geographical indications.  So far, 15 agricultural products in Ningbo have been registered and protected by geographical indications, accounting for about one-fifth of the registered number in the province.

Cixi Maidong is recognized as the “genuine herbal medicine” and is one of the famous “8 Herbal Medicine of Zhejiang”. Cixi Maidong contains a high content of total saponins and has exclusively unique ophiopogon japonicus borneol alcohol.  Compared with those produced in other regions, the growth period of Cixi Maidong has to be 3 to 4 years, and the processing needs to go through “three dries and three covers”.  In addition, the soil in Cixi Maidong production area is a calcareous fluvo-aquic soil. The unique growth environment and processing technology all contribute to the high quality of Cixi Maidong. 

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Construction of Ningbo Cultural Creation Port starts

On the morning of June 30, the commencement ceremony of Ningbo Cultural Creation Port was held as scheduled in the former Port District 3 - North Railway Station.

As the bridgehead and the pioneering start-up area of the Yongjiang Science and Technology Grand Corridor, the construction of the block will provide a strong science and technology and cultural and kinetic energy for the construction of the Yongjiang Science and Technology Grand Corridor.

The starting block of the core area for the start of construction is located in the Baisha area on the north bank of the Yongjiang River. It reaches Dingying Road in the east, Tongtu Road and Renmin Road in the west, Yongjiang River in the south and Daqing North Road in the north. It is jointly developed and constructed by the Provincial Seaport Group and Jiangbei District, with a total investment of about 3.88 billion yuan.

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National Maritime Day Forum to be Hosted in Ningbo

The 15th National Maritime Day Forum will open in Ningbo on July 10th and last three days, according to city’s Organization Committee of the Forum.

The major forum to be unveiled on July 11th is themed as “Revitalize the Maritime Silk Road” with a slogan of “Navigation to Promote the Maritime Silk Road”, aiming to boost the development of the navigation industry.

Besides the major forum, there are four sub-forums and a parallel forum. The latter consists of a topic forum and four seminars which will be open from July 11th to 12th.

The State Council designated July 11th the National Maritime Day on April 25th, 2005, to promote the spirit and culture of navigation, encourage the countrymen to pay more heed to navigation and oceans, and strengthen good neighborliness with other countries

Ningbo Section Marine Exploration of Cross-sea Railway launched

On the morning of June 30, the CZHY11 hole of the completed the installation and positioning of the equipment platform and began the drilling operation. This means that  Ningbo section marine exploration operation of the Tongsujiayong Cross-sea Railway was officially launched.

According to the relevant person in charge of Ningbo Maritime Safety Administration, the offshore exploration location is located at the junction of the coastal administrative divisions of Ningbo and Jiaxing, adjacent to the Hangzhou Bay Bridge. There are 19 exploration sites in the two lines, including 4 in the Ningbo area. The sea conditions in this water area are complex, and the construction faces severe conditions such as large tidal range, fast flow rate, and chaotic flow, and the construction risk is high.

It is reported that the Tongsujiayong cross-sea railway starts from Nantong and crosses the Yangtze River. It passes through Zhangjiagang, Changshu, Suzhou City, Wujiang, Jiashan to Jiaxing City, and passes

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Over 700 attend Meishan Bay Marathon Swimming Contest

2019 Ningbo Superman Meishan Bay Marathon Swimming Contest kicks off on June 23rd, with over 700 participants.

The contest, held by Ningbo Swimming Association, belongs to the series of activities Meishan Bay Tourist Zone organizes for the 2019 Meishan Young People Sports Season. With 35 swimming teams coming from more than ten countries and regions like China, Germany, France, Britain, Mexico, and Peru, the organizing committee divides all participants into four groups that swim from 3.5 kilometers to 13.5 kilometers.

The Meishan Bay Tourist Zone has been focusing on sports tourism recently to make itself a comprehensive destination to visit. Since 2017, the Ningbo Superman Marathon Swimming Contest has been successfully held twice, known as China’s longest distance public swimming contest. The Meishan Bay, dubbed as the Island of Sports and Leisure, is perfectly designed to hold swimming competitions for its beautiful beach and the over-ten-kilometer sea area

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